Conducting a Job Search

Resume/Curriculum Vita (CV)

Everyone should have a current resume/CV. If you are in the health or educational fields, particularly at the experienced level, a CV would be appropriate. Typical headings would include education, experience, activities, community service and skills pertinent to your field. When describing your accomplishments, quantify when possible and cite results. Always keep your purpose and the reader in mind as you strive to represent your strengths. Be sure that the document is totally accurate, visually appealing, easy to read, error free, and if printed, on business quality stationery.

Employment Letters

Professional correspondence includes cover letters and thank you letters. Each document should be specific to the audience, well written, in letter writing format (i.e. full block), and error free. If mailing, use appropriate stationery and envelopes.


Preparation pays! You will be more confident if you know what to expect and how to best present yourself. Be professional and ethical. Employers want to get to know you. Things to think about before interviewing include your strengths and weaknesses, accomplishments, goals, pros and cons of the field you wish to enter, and questions you would like, or need to have answered. Pay attention to your appearance and practice proper etiquette.

Videotaped mock interviews are available through Career Services as well as handouts and other resources. Programs on a wide range of topics including business/dining etiquette, are presented each year.


This important element of the job search is often overlooked. Know yourself, your chosen field and the organizations to which you apply. You can find relevant websites, read company literature, keep up with current events, talk to employees and attend career/job fairs. As a well-informed job applicant, you will be able to target your resume or CV, anticipate questions that may be asked, present realistic salary expectations, ask appropriate questions, and find the best possible organization and position to meet your needs.


Remember to speak to friends, family, faculty, peers, previous supervisors and colleagues, neighbors, mentors and even total strangers! Consider joining a professional social networking site such as LinkedIn.


Start with our Links of Interest for general and field specific resources.

Visit our Job Board.

Job/Career Fairs

Each year in the spring we put on our Biddeford Campus Career Fair. Check the UNE calendar of events for the exact date. Consider attending fairs at other Maine schools in the statewide consortium of which UNE is a member.