Self-Assessment and Exploring Careers

Exploring Careers

After you have assessed your interests, values, skills, and personality (see self-assessment below), you may have new ideas about occupational choices.

The following are some helpful steps as you begin to gather information on a career choice. The staff in Career Services are available to explore options with you and provide resources and support.

  • Begin with online research to become informed about fields of interest. 
  • Get involved in career-related activities: job shadow, conduct informational interviews, volunteer, intern in your field, or find relevant employment.
  • Participate in employer programs and career fairs.

Self Assessment

You need to know a lot about yourself in order to make good academic and career decisions. To begin, consider your:


What do you enjoy? How do you spend your time? What are your passions? Do you prefer to work with people, data or things?


What motivates you? What is crucial for personal satisfaction? What work and ethical values are important?

Skills/ abilities

What do you do well? What would you like to learn to do? What life skills do you use? What work skills have you developed?


What traits, characteristics and behaviors describe you?

To learn more about yourself, think about your answers to these questions and the possible connections to academic and career choices.

Standardized assessment tools such as the Strong Interest Inventory are available through Career Services. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Learning Styles Inventory (LSI) are available at the Student Academic Success Center.