For Faculty

Career Services and Faculty - A Partnership

In Portland Campus Career Services, we are eager to partner with faculty to provide UNE students the best possible preparation for their professional endeavors. We appreciate the referrals, input and promotion of our services that faculty provide, and hope for your continued support.

We encourage and seeks collaboration with faculty at all relevant junctions in a student’s professional development. Join us as we assist UNE students in realizing their career goals.

What We Can Do For Faculty 

We can offer faculty several options and are open to other ideas for collaboration as well.

Conduct a Class Workshop

Integrate a Career Services workshop from the roster below into your syllabus schedule. We can also create other workshops based on your needs. To book, contact us.

"Guest Host" a Class Should Something Come Up    

Need to cancel a class? Contact us first. Depending on our availability, we might be able to host your class and present on any number of topics listed below. 

Our Programming Roster

  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Career fair preparation
  • Networking tips and techniques
  • Basic financial planning
  • Personal branding
  • Professional etiquette
  • Creating a job search strategy
  • Negotiating job offers and contracts
  • Interviewing skills
  • Presentations featuring alumni and/or employers


Research and Recruit Employers, Monitor Employment Trends and Make External Connections

With membership in various human resources, recruiting and professional organizations, we serve as an external representative of the University of New England. In recruiting employers for our Career Fair and researching job prospects for students and alumni, we continuously seek out, cultivate and update an ever-growing employer contact database. We are happy to share our knowledge and contacts with your department. Likewise, feel free to share with us your relevant contacts, so we can provide our students with even more employment opportunity awareness. 

Our Student Mission

The skills required to obtain a job are vastly different than the skills required to do that job. We strive to provide students comprehensive skills to navigate their path to career fulfillment. Our goal is to empower students with the knowledge and skills to secure the best employment opportunities available in their field, while giving them the strongest tools in marketing their abilities to employers.  

We counsel students on a number of career topics. We guide students on creating and updating effective resumes, C.V.’s, and cover letters. We also help them develop their job search strategies, personal branding, interview skills, social networking presence, and knowledge of basic employment law and contract negotiation. We engage students in pursuit of their career aspirations and provides associated resources in assisting them in achieving those aims. 

We also host an annual Career Fair, hold workshops, maintain a Job Postings board and provide students with job leads and resources.

Faculty Assistance 

We collaborate with faculty to support the career and professional development of the UNE Portland Campus student body. We rely on your support, assistance, and referrals as students explore their vocational aspirations and goals. Together, we can create a comprehensive career-development initiative on the Portland Campus.

As Faculty, You can help by:   

  • Continuing to refer your students to our services at Proctor Hall 02 or through email.
  • Assisting students in developing life-long career pursuit and leadership skills.
  • Coordinating with our efforts in working with employers and sharing contacts.
  • Developing collaborative programming including career components.
  • Promoting Portland Campus Career Services offerings.
  • Including Portland Campus Career Services programming on your course syllabi.
  • Encouraging graduating students to complete the Graduate Survey, which provides information valuable to the entire University community.