Career Assessment, Exploration, and Graduate School


You will need to know a lot about yourself in order to be able to make wise career decisions. To begin, consider your:


What are your career passions? How do you like spending your time? Do you prefer to work with people, data, or things?


What motivates you? What gives you personal satisfaction? What ethical values are important to you?


What do you do well? What would you like to learn to do? What professional skills have you developed? What do your previous jobs and experiences say about you?


What traits, characteristics and behaviors describe you? Do you prefer working independently, as part of a team, or both?

To learn more about yourself, think about your answers to these questions and the possible connections to career choices.

Standardized assessment tools—such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Learning Styles Inventory (LSI)—are available to you at Learning Assistance Services, and could be useful in your career and academic planning.


After assessing your interests, values, skills and personality, you may have new ideas about your career goals. 

We are here are here to assist you in arriving at the right decision about your future. Visit us in Portland Campus Career Services to review your options, share ideas, and make us of some supporting tools. 

Other steps you can take include: 

  • Connecting with a professional mentor. 
  • Conducting informational interviews at relevant employers.
  • Engaging all available resources at your clinical sites.
  • Researching career options, job descriptions and prospects by accessing online resources such as our Resources page.
  • Attending the Portland Campus Career Fair.

Graduate School

Perhaps you would like to attend or return to a graduate school program. Portland Campus Career Services can assist you in reaching your decision whether to attend, and if so, where. Visit us for assistance in applying to your chosen graduate programs, selecting the best program for your needs and goals, and crafting the application statement. We can even help you practice for the admission interview. 

For more information on graduate school options, refer to the Links of Interest page where you will find websites that offer information about different graduate programs.