Aubrey White, '13

Testimonial Place Holder

Aubrey White, '13

Medical Biology

UNE Experience

"I love the many connections between students and faculty that are provided by the Medical Biology program here at UNE. The faculty provides a number of resources for educational purposes, and they genuinely want to get to know their students. This makes for a very open and friendly campus community environment. I also like that although there are many students here from the New England area, there are also international students and those who have never been in the New England area before. It makes for a more diverse campus. 

"In September of 2009, after beginning my college career as a freshman at UNE, I began working in Dr. Ed Bilsky’s research lab. I am privileged to be working in the Pharmacology Department in the College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Center for Excellence in the Neurosciences, working closely in collaboration with many faculty and staff for research purposes. 

"I am currently working with Dr. Andrew Binks, a respiratory physiologist in the College of Health Professions to create a working behavioral animal model for a clinical condition known as dyspnea. Once this model is established, interventions can then be tested for therapeutic purposes. I will continue working on this model throughout the summer and for this upcoming academic year with both Dr. Binks and Dr. Bilsky."