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Brandy Egan, '07

Testimonial Place Holder

Brandy Egan, '07

Business Administration

UNE Experience

"I originally entered the medical biology program, hoping to become a professor of human anatomy, but later decided that although I enjoyed anatomy, it wasn’t for me. I then changed my major to Business Administration, and feel confident with my decision.

 "UNE is a very sophisticated and well-respected university; it is a university that I felt privileged to attend. UNE is a great place; the professors are excellent and readily available when not instructing classes, the students are diverse and interesting, and the administration truly cares about each student and their success. Overall, UNE is a student-support-based school.

"In May of my senior year, I became an intern for a company in Portland called Eagle Point Enterprises. In August of 2007 I became a full-time employee to The Signal Group as a Junior Market Analyst, and plan to work there until I attend graduate school in 2009. This internship has been an outstanding opportunity for me and has been something I’ve really enjoyed."