Brittany Stratton

Brittany Stratton, '09

Environmental Studies

"I was lucky enough to be selected for work study in the Environmental Studies Department my freshmen year. I spent four years with the department completely immersed in all aspects of it. It all started with the Green Learning Community my freshmen year. One could not ask for a better, more comforting group of individuals. There were not two people in our core group that shared the same views; with this we were able to discuss, and at times, debate particular topics from every angle. By having a core group to explore the environmental topics that we held dear to our hearts, we were constantly participating, comparing, debating and sharing. This was not your dreaded class where you show up and shut off. Each class and each discussion was a new challenge and learning experience…I also participated in two internships with the City of Biddeford. You cannot ask for a better experience than building relationships, connections and skills in employment settings. What I loved best about the Environmental Studies Department is how cohesive the professors were. There was not a time when I felt like I wasn’t pushed educationally, supported or celebrated. That is a feeling that you hold on to and strive for in every work environment."