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Bryan Chevarie, '08

Testimonial Place Holder

Bryan Chevarie, '08

Business Administration

UNE Experience

"I feel the curriculum of UNE's Business Administration program is very well-rounded, and I expect to graduate with a better overall understanding of the business world than if I had attended a public university.

 "The business professors do an outstanding job of getting involved with your studies and want you to succeed. They answer any questions you have, whether it is during class, in an email, or by setting up an appointment to meet with them. Some have even set up an extra class session before an exam to make sure everybody who wants help has the opportunity to get it.

"The business career field is very broad and UNE's curriculum has allowed me to become informed before deciding on my definite future plans. I do envision myself working my way up the corporate ladder for a firm or corporation in the future."