Casey Toombs, '12

Testimonial Place Holder

Casey Toombs, '12

Medical Biology

UNE Experience

"Within the Medical Biology Department the professors and advisers provide a lot of guidance in order to make you successful. We are required to take a variety of classes that specialize in many different areas of the science field that help prepare you for a graduate or medical school program.

"I became involved in a research lab during my sophomore year, and it has been one of the most important and rewarding experiences to my professional development. Even though I am a Medical Biology major, I research the stress physiology of crustaceans. There are many techniques and concepts interrelated with human research that I will be able to use anywhere. This has also given me a chance to develop my own research project in order to create an honors research thesis.

"I also have been able to receive grants to stay over the summers in the lab to focus on my research outside of classes. As part of presenting my research, I have presented nationally in Salt Lake City, Utah and locally in Bar Harbor, Maine. Experiences within the lab have helped me in my decisions with medicine and expanded my knowledge and decision making skills."