Testimonial Place Holder

Chelsea Amaio, '10


"My minor in Economics was added in my sophomore year as a result of a first-year [Green Learning Community] course on Economics in Context. I was completely drawn in to how much our economic system not only affects the environment, but how it values it as well. Furthermore, many of my classes took advantage of UNE's location in the small city of Biddeford to study economic analysis and sustainable development in relation to urban revitalization, including projects that encouraged us to get out into the community.

"I affectionately called UNE my “home away from home” as professors easily became mentors and went above and beyond their required class instruction. From setting up outside-of-class help sessions, to planning weekend field trips based on the topics studied in class, learning is more than memorizing information from books. Dialogue between students and professors is expected, and I felt like my opinion was not only heard, but welcomed and valued."