Testimonial Place Holder

Constance Glynn '13

English History

I decided to be an English major because I wanted to be a journalist, and I liked the different areas that the faculty members were experienced in. Last year, I added a double-major in History because I really liked the different classes and professors and I’ve always been a history buff.

I like the small class sizes in the humanities courses. I always know the other students in class and the humanities courses are pretty much all discussion based. So the environment is comfortable and fun. I know that I can email any professor I have and they will make time to meet with me. The professors in the English and History Departments are great because it’s so easy to tell that they are passionate about what they do. Even lectures are never boring because they are laced with evidence that the professor loves the subject, and that passion transfers over to the students.

I am also involved in the Nor’easter News, Zephyr, the English Club, and the History Club — all extracurricular activities that directly relate to my majors. I was able to get involved my first year and have since had the opportunity to take on leadership roles within these organizations.