Danielle Behn

Danielle Behn '13

Environmental Science

"I started out my college career at UNE as a Marine Biology major. After taking Conservation and Preservation with Noah Perlut and Pam Morgan and Environmental Policy with Rick Peterson, I knew I needed to change my major. Environmental Science provided me with so many opportunities to choose what I was interested in and explore those topics. The faculty seemed to genuinely care about what I wanted and who I was, which was really important to me. Every professor within the department is amazing. They care so much about your progress as a student and present you with ample opportunity to get hands-on experience. During my time at UNE, I spent three and a half years as part of Project Squirrel with Noah, worked on the Saco River Estuary Project with Pam and Noah, and went to Kenya with Rick. I am so thankful for the opportunities I received during my time at UNE."