Testimonial Place Holder

Jaclyn Proulx, '11

"I have always wanted to be a teacher since I was in 8th grade, and up until freshman year of high school I had intended to teach math. I had an amazing English teacher my freshman year of high school, though, and she turned me on to English. Ever since, I have loved writing and reading.

"I chose UNE because of many different reasons. I really love the location and I enjoy the small class sizes and friendly atmosphere. I think it is really important to be more than just a number at a school, and at UNE that is definitely the case -- professors always know all of their students’ names within the first few weeks. Finally, I chose UNE because it seemed like a good-sized school, with kind, intelligent people, and it offered a great academic culture in which I knew I could thrive.

"The most important internship experience for me was definitely my student teaching experience in the second semester of my senior year. Everyday for the entire semester, I went to Kennebunk High School and observed a fabulous English teacher. She mentored me and was extremely helpful to me as an interning teacher. 

"I was also able to talk with and observe other English teachers in the department, which provided me with invaluable understanding and learning of the profession. Because of this internship, I am teaching at Kennebunk High School as a full-time English teacher. I am 100% positive that I would not be in this amazing position without my internship that spring."