Testimonial Place Holder

Katie Diggins, '10

Sport and Recreation Management

"I have always been involved with sports and the Sport Management program showed me how to go professional in another way other than playing... I received a strong business base of knowledge, with classes like Accounting and Human Resource Management, while taking sport specific courses like Sports Marketing and Sports Economics.

"The most important classes that I took at UNE were my internships. My junior year I did a semester-long internship with Special Olympics Maine. Not only did this internship get me great job experience, and help me decide what my career path was, it played a crucial roll in getting my current job.

"Shortly after graduation I landed my dream job at Special Olympics NH. I plan 15 regional sports competitions a year [and] get to do what I love every day. It is a good feeling to go to work everyday, and be actively utilizing all the tools I gained in college."

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