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Lauren D'ascanio, '13

Testimonial Place Holder

Lauren D'ascanio, '13

Environmental Science

UNE Experience

"I would not be the happy woman I am today in Alaska without the knowledge and confidence that my instructors gave me while I was earning my Environmental Science degree at UNE. I love how the program is multifaceted but maintains a core focus and how each instructor has their niche but is willing to go outside of that to help you better understand the realm [you’re interested in]. I also love the accountability you are held to because the class sizes are so small and the instructors take the time to forge a relationship with each student; that really pushed me to be successful and work hard! Lastly, I love the diverse students involved in the program. Most schools have a stereotype that their environmental program falls into, but I think people would be surprised that many students in the UNE Environmental program don’t necessarily fit those stereotypes!"