Testimonial Place Holder

Nicholas Metheny, '06

Environmental Science


Since graduating from UNE I have worked for the government, non-profits, universities, and private science consulting firms. I have worked on projects geared to restoration of seabird colonies, such as Project Puffin in Bremen, Maine and the Common Murre Restoration Project in California. I have worked on remote islands in the Northwest Hawaiian Islands, working to restore the island's ecology, keeping track of the seabird colonies and endangered endemic teal, as well as the endangered Hawaiian Monk seal. I have done at-sea surveys for seabirds and marine mammals off the coast of Oregon, Massachusetts, and Antarctica. And I have also worked in as a sea turtle surveyor, patrolling the beach for nesting or evidence of nesting sea turtles.

Inspiring Locations

What I liked about UNE is that its location provided many unique opportunities to study different habitats within a small area, as it lies in a transitional zone for different habitats. For example, along the south coast of Maine you still have sandy beaches that transition into the rocky shores Maine is known for. There is also the convergence of pine-dominated forest from the north and the deciduous dominated forests from the south. In addition to these different habitats you also have the salt marshes, vernal pools, red-maple swamps, the Saco River, and the Atlantic in which to delve into and explore through your studies.