headshot of Saleh Gani

Saleh Gani '22

Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)

I’m a proud Palestinian-American medical student here at UNE COM with a goal to provide the best quality care to my future patients. I hope to utilize my background and knowledge of the Arabic language to relate to and better cater to a wide spectrum of patients. I have a deep interest in ophthalmology and a growing interest in childhood psychiatry, and I am excited to see where these interests may take me. Initially, I thought it would be a difficult transition in moving from my prior place of residence of Chandler, A.Z. into the Maine. However, I found the nature scene here to also be quite beautiful and found a wide spectrum of outdoorsy things to do here from stargazing to hunting to skiing.

UNE COM in particular is a great place for me because here we have a diverse student body of various ages, backgrounds, and interests which make it easy to find others to connect with and in the midst of the challenging course work, these supportive networks help time pass quickly and more enjoyably.

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