Tripp Henderson
Tripp Henderson

Tripp Henderson, Outdoor Recreation Coordinator

After my experience in Alaska working for a wilderness therapy company, I got a job with a boys’ boarding school in Bath, Maine. I worked there for the past six years as the director of their outdoor rec program. They had a spot right on Flagstaff Lake, so we’d bring kids there, a beautiful backdrop for outdoor rec.

I’ve come to love the coast and being so close to the mountains — just having so much access. Being able to get kids involved in the outdoors is what I'm into, UNE seemed like a great place to do that. It is a great community to be a part of. Having a waterfront and being in this beautiful location, our access [to the outdoors] is incredible. 

Life in Southern Maine

In summer, I’m all about being out in the water just paddling around in a kayak, or a canoe, or even a floatable dingy or inner tube. Give me whatever, and I’ll be happy. Come fall, I’m all about mountain biking, hiking, and being out on the trails. Then in the winter, I love to ski — map out some backcountry lines in the Bigelows — and then it’s spring again, and I’m back out paddling.

I’m excited about the future of outdoor rec at UNE. I envision a robust future for the program. It really is about building a campus-wide program with access for everybody to get involved in whatever they’re interested in when it comes to the outdoors. I want to be able to provide that support in our community. I want to see UNE-backed trips where students are doing amazing things, having new experiences while they’re here at the university and beyond.

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