Wendy Lawson, '10

Testimonial Place Holder

Wendy Lawson 2010

Secondary Education: English/Language Arts

UNE Experience

"I felt very connected with the faculty and staff. I enjoyed being a face in the classroom rather than a number. The one-on-one connection with the teachers and the students, and the learning that takes place within this small classroom setting was one of my most valued memories of UNE. 

"UNE not only offered me a chance to grow and succeed as a student, but also provided me with a wide range of activities and opportunities on campus and within the Biddeford community... My most influential involvement came from my leadership role as an Orientation advisor. As an advisor, I was able to hold a paraprofessional title while gaining the knowledge of higher education. I worked closely with faculty and staff members to develop and implement the summer, fall and winter orientations.

"During my years at UNE, I had the opportunity to work at Biddeford High School as part of my internship experience. I had been with the school for two years, working with students and shadowing teachers. After a year of service, I was granted permission to teach an advisory class in which I instructed the students in resume writing, college preparation and current events. I enjoyed my time spent with the students and the knowledge and confidence I gained from my internship."

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