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Willow Gertz, '15

Willow Gertz

Willow Gertz, '15

Marine Science

Education Intern

Kennebunkport Conservation Land Trust

Internship Experience

"During the spring semester of my senior year, I participated in the "Trust in Our Children" program through an internship at the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust. One of my roles was to develop environmental science and marine science programming for Kennebunkport Consolidated School students in grades K-5. I also had the chance to work directly with students, teaching them about New England habitats, animals and plants, and I created an Earth Day event that engaged families from the local community.  
My favorite part of the internship was assisting with a third-grade field trip to Redin Island. I led the kids on a walk to the island during low tide, and we explored tide pools for an hour. It was great way to teach the kids about the intertidal zone and its inhabitants.
My internship helped me develop leadership skills, communication skills and teaching skills. My goal is to one day teach science in a classroom, and my internship helped prepare me for so many aspects of teaching, from lesson planning to managing group behavior, to creating activities based on a curriculum and standards. I am thankful that I had this amazing hands-on experience."

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