As Nor’easters, we take seriously our mutual responsibility to protect each other and our UNE community. By adhering to CDC-recommended COVID-19 safety precautions, you not only protect yourself, but you protect all members of the University community and safeguard our ability to continue studying, teaching, and working. By caring for the welfare of one another, we can help to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. #UNEOnward

The Promise

As a member of the UNE Community, I agree to lead by example, take action to keep myself and our community as safe as possible, and to proactively encourage others to adhere to this commitment. I promise to:

  • Maintain 6-foot social distance from others
  • Wear a face covering at all appropriate times
  • Practice good hygiene, including frequent hand washing
  • Help to keep shared spaces sanitary
  • Observe signage and follow directives
  • Promptly report any symptoms of illness
  • Stay away from others if symptomatic
  • Participate in self-monitoring, testing, and contact tracing

Download the UNE Onward Promise (PDF)



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