Guide to the Presidents of Westbrook College collection, 1834-1996

Finding aid prepared by Zachary Enright, 13 August 2014

Collection number     200
Title     Presidents of Westbrook College collection
Dates     1834-1996
Extent     .5 Linear Feet
Biographical/Historical Note
Headmasters and Presidents of Westbrook
1834-1836 Reverend Samuel Brimblecom
1836-1839 James Furbush
1839-1842 John K. True
1842-1844 Moses B. Walker & George W. True
1844-1846 E.P. Hines
1846-1848 G. W. Bradford
1849-1851 Reverend L. L. Record
1851-1853 Nathaniel Hatch
1853-1859 Reverend James P. Weston
1859-1860 Silas B. Rawson
1860-1861 B. G. Ames
1862 Charles S. Fobes
1862 -1869 Reverend S. H. McCollister
1870-1872 Reverend J. C. Snow
1872-1874 William A. Poste
1874-1878 G. M. Bodge
1878-1889 Reverend James P. Weston
1889-1892 Albert S. Allen
1892-1899 Reverend H. S. Whitman
1899-1905 Oscar H. Perry
1905-1907 Dr. William C. Joslin
1907-1911 Arthur C. Yeaton
1912-1913 Reverend Harvey H. Hoyt
1913-1914 Charles William Harris
1914-1920 Clarence P. Quimby
1920-1925 Dr. Orlando K. Hollister
1925-1932 Agnes M. Safford
1932-1933 Marion Coats Graves
1933-1958 Dr. Milton D. Proctor
1958-1970 Edward Y. Blewett
1970-1977 James Dickinson
1977-1986 Thomas B. Courtice
1987 James I. Armstrong
1987-1996 Dr. William D. Andrews
Collection Scope and Content
The Presidents of Westbrook College collection was created by Dorothy Healy and various library staff. The collection includes items collected from publications, websites, newspapers, as well as memos, correspondence, ephemera, studies, reports, and academic publications. The collection spans the entire history of Westbrook College, 1834-1996.
The files are arranged alphabetically by the Presidents’ name.
Related Material
Collection Contents
001: Armstrong, James I., 1987 1 folder
            The James Armstrong series contains one memoranda regarding publications created by the College and the solicitation of bids.

002: Bodge, George M., undated, 1886, 1967 1 folder
            The George Bodge series contains photocopies from the Gorham Historical Society of the title page of "Soldiers in King Phillips War"
            of which Pres. Bodge was author and the program from the "Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Gorham, Maine."

003: Brimblecom, Rev. Samuel, undated, 1897 1 folder
            The Rev. Samuel Brimblecom series contains a silhouette, calling card, photocopied article and obituary.

004: Graves, Marion Coats, 1963 1 folder
            The Marion Coat Graves series contain on item, a memorial resolution by the National Association of Principals of Schools for Girls.

005: Harris, Charles William, 1913-1914 1 folder
            The Charles William Harris series includes newspapers clippings regarding his removal from the Presidency as well as a request for

006: Hollister, Dr. Orlando K., circa 1920 1 folder
            The Dr. Orlando K. Hollister series includes a blank probation notice form and an article entitled "A Prophet with Honor" from the
            Westbrook College Alumni News.

007: Perry, Oscar H., 1905, 1981 1 folder
            The Oscar H. Perry series includes a newspaper clipping regarding his resignation and a letter from his son.

008: Quimby, Clarence P., 1916-1982 4 folders
            The Clarence P. Quimby series includes 4 folders, Biographical Sketch, c. 1940; Clippings and Obituaries, n.d., 1916, 1982;
            Correspondence, 1963-1982; and Photograph, n.d.

009: Safford, Agnes M., 1893, 1926-1930 1 folder
            The Agnes M. Safford series includes a brochure advertising her system of education in oratory for the 1893-1894 season, press
            releases dated 1929 and 1930, and a publication entitled "The Beginnings of Bradford".

010: Snow, Rev. J.C., undated 1 folder
            The Reverend J.C. Snow series contains a history of Westbrook Seminary written by Pres. Snow.

011: Weston, Rev. James P., 1840-1985 2 folders
            The Reverend James P. Weston series is made up of 2 folders. The first includes photographic negatives of Rev. Weston and his grandson,               as well as photocopies of of various records obtained from his descendant, Walter Wright, and the Bowdoin College archives. The second
            folder contains correspondence relating to the donation and restoration of the Weston Portrait.

012: Yeaton, Arthur C., 1912 1 folder
            The Arthur C. Yeaton series includes a newspaper clipping regarding his resignation and a letter of solicitation.

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