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About the B.S.W. program

U N E BSW Associated Director Welcome to University of New England School of Social Work. Our Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.) program offers an empowering experience that prepares students with skills for broad, entry-level, generalist social work practice in a wide and varied range of social service, health, mental health, and community settings. As a social worker you will have opportunities to touch the lives of people across the life span – from newborns to elders – and their families. In addition, UNE’s B.S.W. program instills values that foster students’ commitment to enhance the well-being of all people and to secure resources to assure that basic human needs are met. If you are someone that likes to help others, social work is the career for you!

As a B.S.W. student you will learn from our accomplished faculty, community partners, and other students. Interprofessional practice is part of the B.S.W. experience and is achieved by integrating opportunities to learn from faculty and other Westbrook College of Health Professions’ students —all of whom help us realize our uniquely experiential, student-centered, interprofessional approach to social work education. Further, UNE SSW is well known for its highly regarded Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) program. As a B.S.W. student at UNE you are eligible for our 4 + 1 option which would allow you to move into the M.S.W. program upon completion of your B.S.W. degree and earn your M.S.W. in as little as one year.

As a school, we are passionately committed to the values that guide the social work mandate to work towards social justice for all human beings.   We refer regularly to our Vision and Mission to inform our curriculum, our approach to teaching, and how we support students achieve success in their academics and in gain generalist social work skills through the field experience. At the end of your B.S.W. experience, you will be well-prepared for employment opportunities in the social service field, and beyond.

I encourage you to take a closer look at our B.S.W. curriculum, as well as information about what the beautiful Biddeford campus has to offer.  

I also want to extend an open invitation for you to come visit us on either the Biddeford or Portland, Maine campuses. I would love the opportunity to answer your questions and share more information about the social work profession and our exciting B.S.W. program.

Cyndi Amato, M.S.W. 
Director, Bachelor of Social Work program