HWOS Internships

As a Health, Wellness, and Occupational Studies (HWOS) student, you are able and encouraged to participate in an internship at a local health and wellness organization for course credit. The HWOS Internship Coordinator, Collyn Baeder, M.P.H., connects you with community sites and supports you throughout the internship experience. A site supervisor provides direct supervision and guidance while on site. HWOS internship sites are focused on community-based, health and wellness promotion, and include senior living communities, school settings, adaptive recreation programs, community centers and more. Through your internship, you make significant, positive impacts in the community, while gaining invaluable experience, skills, and mentorship.

You earn credit for the experience through the HWOS 490 Internship course, offered every Fall and Spring Semester. You can tailor the experience to fit with existing academic and extracurricular commitments, pursuing between one to three credit hours. Course work includes weekly reflective journals and meetings with the Internship Coordinator, a foundational paper, an internship project, and a summative portfolio.

You should start planning your internship well in advance (at least one full semester prior). Work with your academic advisors to map out your degree plan — including your internship semester — and then contact the Internship Coordinator at the beginning of the prior semester to start the planning process. Keep an eye out for the HWOS Internship Informational Sessions, which are advertised and offered each semester.

To learn about the numerous ways you can benefit from an internship, see this Why an Internship? (PDF) info sheet. For additional information contact Collyn Baeder, M.P.H., at cbaeder@une.edu or (207) 602-2024.