Curriculum (RN to BSN)

Curricular Requirements
Max Transfer AND/Diploma Credit 69 credits
General Education (must be in progress or completed) 15 credits
Nutrition 3 credits
Statistics 3 credits
Pathophysiology 3 credits
Humanities Elective (2 Courses) 6 credits
Total 84 credits
Nursing Courses to be Completed in Program  
NSG 370 - Pharmacology* 3 credits
NSG 360 - Health Assessment* 3 credits
NSG 375 - Policy, Politics, and the Nursing Profession 3 credits
NSG 366 - Conceptual Foundations of Nursing Practice 3 Credits
NSG 470 - Community Health Nursing** 6 credits
NSG 380 - Evidence-Based Practice 3 credits
NSG 460 - Nursing Leadership & Management** 4 credits
NSG 465 - Nurse as a Professional Educator 3 credits
NSG 475 - Nursing Specialty Elective I 3 credits
NSG 476 - Nursing Specialty Elective II 3 credits
NSG 300- Ethical Issues in Nursing 3 credits
Subtotal 37 credits

121 credits

90 credits transferable

*  C=Clep; CC= Competency Challenge; T=Transfer

** Courses require experiential learning component

Credit by Examination Policy for Selected Nursing Courses (CLEP)

The Department of Nursing acknowledges and validates student’s prior education and practice. The Department of Nursing provides credit by examination for admitted and enrolled Registered Nurse (RN) to BSN students only. The Department of Nursing contracts with a standardized testing vendor (Kaplan) to provide all students the opportunity to acquire credit by examination. The following courses are available for credit by examination:

·       NSG 360 (Health Assessment)

·       NSG 370 (Pharmacology)

Students requesting credit by examination must contact the program coordinator to register at least 3 weeks prior to the start date of the course being challenged.  Instructions and a blueprint for the examination will be made available to students at the time of registration. The examination will be graded within five working days and the student will be notified of the grade.  A successful grade will be recorded and appear on the student’ transcript. The student who is successful using the credit-by-examination process may not continue as a regular student in the course for the purpose of increasing the passing grade to a higher level.  If the student is not successful using the credit-by-examination process, he/she will be eligible to continue in the course as a regular student.  Credit by examination does not calculate into the final Grade Point Average (GPA).