WCHP Student Research

As a student in the Westbrook College of Health Professions, you have opportunities to conduct research in the basic and clinical sciences as well as in public health and health education.  Although all of the curricula in the programs in WCHP contain research courses in which you learn about the research process, you can also set up research experiences in which you perform research under the direction of a faculty mentor. The experiences run the gamut from short-term observations to working full-time in the research group of a faculty mentor. 


  • You apply classroom knowledge to real world situations
  • You develop critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving abilities, self-confidence and intellectual independence
  • You gain career preparation and learn more about graduate or post-professional educational opportunities

As an undergraduate, you may volunteer, earn course credit, or hold a paid position as a research assistant. You can even apply to take part in an 8-12 week, full-time Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship.  

Student researchers from WCHP have presented their work at national research meetings where they have won numerous awards. Some have even co-authored research papers in prestigious scientific journals.

Explore the Possibilities

After exploring the information provided on these web pages, feel free to contact Mary DeSilva, Sc.D., M.S., M.S.F.S., at mdesilva1@une.edu if you have further questions about about WCHP research opportunities.