As a student on our Portland Campus, you belong to a tight-knit community of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, all of whom are passionate about the health sciences.

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Our campus sits on a 41-acre parcel in suburban Portland, 10 minutes from the city’s downtown and scenic waterfront. Brick buildings and a green quad personify the quintessential New England campus. Here, our interprofessional approach allows you to master the principles and techniques of your discipline, while coming to better understand how the work you do combines with the work of various other health professionals to meet patients’ needs.

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Our Portland Campus also provides access to community events like the lecture series presented by our Center for Global Humanities, which brings leading thinkers to campus, often to discuss matters of importance to understanding human health. Our Global Education Program, meanwhile, presents opportunities for short-term study abroad, such as two-week health care immersions in Ghana, summer exchanges for Pharmacy students at the University of Granada in Spain, and social work practice in the Caribbean.

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You venture regularly into Portland for internships and clinical rotations. With a population of 66,000, Portland offers the energy, diversity and vibrancy of a modern city, together with cobblestone streets, historic architecture, and scenic biking and walking trails. In 2010, it was ranked among the 20 most livable small cities for college students by the American Institute for Economic Research, and Outside magazine named it the East Coast's best place to live for outdoor sporting and overall quality of life. In 2014, Green Living magazine called Portland the "healthiest urban center" in the U.S., citing its "doctors per capita" and "smogless skies."

Small and friendly though it may be, Portland is the largest city in Maine. This makes it a center of commerce, a hotspot for entertainment, and a hub of medical activity. People from across Northern New England visit Portland for medical services and often their needs are met by UNE students.

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