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Master of Social Work: On-Campus Learning for Busy People

Master of Social Work: Be Part of a Cohort

Master of Social Work: Projects Beyond Class

Master of Social Work: Study Alongside Faculty

Master of Social Work: Student Organizations

UNE M.S.W. Field Placement: Maine Medical Center NICU

UNE M.S.W. Field Placement: Preble Street

UNE M.S.W. Field Placement: Lyman Moore Middle School

MSW Stories

MSW alumna Charlotte: “My job is to meet you where you are, regardless of where you are.”

MSW alumnus Mutima: “Social work opened my eyes in how to serve people.”

MSW alumna Theresa: “I use what I learned at UNE every day at the Patrick Dempsey Center.”

MSW student Deqa: “Look at me, I’m doing this. And you can do it.”

MSW alumna Tookie: “The flexibility that UNE provides sets you up for success.”

M.S.W. alumna Kara on the Volunteer Lawyers Project

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