Current Exhibitions

Annual Sculpture Garden Invitational

June 15–October 31, 2019

Curated by Anne B. Zill and Carolyn Heasly
Mounted in honor of Grant Jacks, the Sculpture Garden Invitational's original creator, who in his lifetime was a Portland-based collector and curator, this year's exhibition is the 18th annual show. Works will include sculptures by more than 20 local Maine artists and will be mounted in the gallery vestibule, gallery exterior gardens, and in the historic quadrangle facing Stevens Avenue. Sculptors include Asherah Cinnamon, Peter Dransfield, Lin Lisberger, John Marcigliano, Nancy Nevergole, Jean Noon, Judith O'Donnell, Daphne Pulsifer, Antoinette Prien Schultz, Carolyn Treat, Melita Westerlund, Carole Whelan, and John Wilkinson.

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