Financial Information for Grad Programs

Financial Information for Grad Programs uneadmin Wed, 11/26/2014 - 09:53

Graduate Tuition and Fee Rates (2015-2016 fees are subject to change)

Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Educational Leadership

General Services Fee (semester, non-refundable)   $45
Tuition (per credit hour)   $520

Doctorate in Education

General Services Fee (semester, non-refundable)   $45
Tuition (per credit hour)   $820

Master of Science:  Biological Sciences & Marine Sciences

Application Fee  (non-refundable)   $40
General Services Fee (semester, non-refundable)   $315
Tuition (Academic year)   $31,750

Master of Science in Education - On-line Instruction

General Services Fee (semester, non-refundable)   $45
Tuition (per credit hour)   $520

Medical Education Leadership

Application Fee (semester, M.S. program)
General Services Fee (semester, non-refundable)


Tuition (per credit hour)   $720

Nurse Anesthesia (Master of Science)

Application Fee (non-refundable)   $40
General Services Fee (semester, nonrefundable)   $210
Tuition (per credit hour)   $1,250
Malpractice Insurance Fee (annual, non-refundable)   $100
Program Fee (semester, non-refundable)   $338

Occupational Therapy Master of Science

Application Fee  (non-refundable)   $40
General Services Fee (semester, non-refundable)   $210
Tuition    $33,790
Program Fee (semester, non-refundable)   $114
Malpractice Insurance Fee (annual, non-refundable)   $85

Physician Assistant (Master of Science)

  Application Fee  (non-refundable)    $40
  General Services Fee (semester, non-refundable)   $210
  Tuition (Academic year)   $40,620
  Program Fee (semester, non-refundable)   $1,053
  Malpractice Insurance Fee (annual, first and second years, non-refundable)   $340

Physical Therapy (Doctor of Physical Therapy)

General Services Fee Yr. 1 (semester, non-refundable)   $315
General Services Fee Yrs. 2-3 (semester, non-refundable)   $210
Tuition (Fall and Spring combined)   $31,550
Tuition (Summer)   $8,160
Malpractice Insurance Fee (non-refundable)   $85

Physical Therapy - (Post Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy)

General Services Fee (semester, non-refundable)   $45
Tuition (per credit hour)   $775

Public Health (Master of Public Health or Graduate Certificate)

General Services Fee (semester, non-refundable)   $45
Tuition (per credit hour)   $650
Registration Fee (nonmatriculated students per semester)   $25

Social Work (Master of Social Work)

Application Fee (on-campus, non-refundable)   $40
General Services Fee (on-campus, semester, non-refundable)   $315

General Services Fee (online, semester, non-refundable)

Tuition (per credit hour)   $850
Malpractice Insurance Fee (annual, non-refundable)    $45

Teacher Certification Program (TCP)

Application Fee (non-refundable)    $100
General Services Fee (one time, non-refundable)   $130
Tuition (per credit hour)   $610

Explanation of Fees

Student Malpractice Insurance

A group insurance policy is purchased and provided by the University of New England for those students involved in clinical training rotations in the amount of $1,000,000/$3,000,000.

General Services Fee

This mandatory fee is billed to graduate students and provides the following services.

  1. Graduation activities including cost of banquet, speakers, and diplomas.
  2. Student Senate (Government) activities including support for clubs, programs, cultural events, etc.
  3. Orientation activities.
  4. Student Health Services providing high quality health care services.
  5. Finley Center gymnasium.
  6. Athletic events including intramural programs and all intercollegiate home games.
  7. Transcripts available at no charge.

Health Insurance

Graduate students are required to enroll in UNE's Student Medical Insurance Plan unless proof of comparable insurance can be demonstrated. Please refer to the health insurance brochure for additional information.

Program Fees

Program Fees Fees are charged to students who enroll in various programs. 

Late Registration Fee

Students who register after the published deadline will be required to pay a $75 late registration fee.

Parking Fee

Students, Faculty and Staff wishing to park a vehicle on campus must purchase a parking permit  Enter your destination as University of New England.  Permit prices vary.  A  Resident Permit is $300.00 and a Commuter Permit are $90.00.  Failure to register a vehicle will result in a fine and having your vehicle towed from campus.

Payment Options

Students may pay the college charges as they fall due each semester or in accordance with UNE's Monthly Payment Plan offered through Tuitionpay. They may also arrange to pay the total due by using a mixture of these payment arrangements.

The payment dates in the UNE sponsored payment plans cannot be deferred for the convenience of students using student loans, or other tuition payment programs. Both long and short-term financial arrangements should be made far enough in advance to assure payment on the required dates. Special problems or emergency situations can be discussed with the Student Financial Services Center at any time.

Option I: Payment by Semester

Approximately six weeks prior to the start of a semester, bills will be sent for the tuition, room and board, and fees. Payment of this bill is due by the start of the semester. The payment due is the total of all the semester charges less any previous payments or financial aid credits.

Option II: Monthly Payment Plans

The Ten-Pay Payment Plan spreads the full year charges over ten months beginning June 1st. This plan is offered through Tuitionpay and is designed to relieve the pressure of “lump sum” payments by spreading the cost over 10 months. There is an application fee. There are no interest charges.

In addition to these options for payment, UNE accepts Mastercard, VISA, and Discover.

Applicants are urged to apply by May 15th. Applications made after the start of the program (June 1st) must be accompanied by an initial payment sufficient to become current with the regular 10-month payment schedule. Applications for the 10-month plan will not be accepted after September 15th.

Late Payment Charge

The balance due each semester will be considered overdue if not paid by the specified date, and any unpaid balance will be subject to a late charge of 12% per annum or 1% per month. Students with unpaid bills will not be able to register for courses or be placed on the official school roster nor can they attend classes until they have received clearance from the Student Financial Services Center.  Students with overdue accounts are not eligible for academic credit, transcripts, or degrees.

Course Withdrawal Tuition Refund Policy

Course changes for matriculated students are allowed during the add/drop period during the fall and spring semesters.  After the add/drop period, no refunds are made for course withdrawals.

University Withdrawal

Matriculated students who intend to withdraw from the University must complete official forms available from the program director, Student Affairs Office or Registration Services on either campus. Documentation must be signed by the appropriate academic dean. Student responsibilities include: a) knowledge of the University's policies regarding refund of tuition and/or fees as stated in this catalog; b) return of University identification (ID) card to the Office of Student Affairs; c) return of any University keys to the appropriate departments. The University reserves the right to withhold the issuance of refunds and transcripts until the process has been completed. Following withdrawal, any student wishing to re-enroll at the University of New England must apply through the Office of Admissions.

For purposes of computing refunds, the date of withdrawal recorded by the academic dean's office upon receipt of the withdrawal notice from the student, shall be considered official and will be used to compute refunds, if any, due to the student.

Tuition refunds for matriculated students leaving the University during a semester will be made as follows: 
  Fall\Spring\Summer Refunds 
  During first two weeks 80%
  During third week  60%
  During fourth week  40%
  Over four weeks  No refunds
  Short-Term and Online (except MD and WI) Courses (3-10 weeks) 

 Before second class 100% 
  During first week  40%
  During second week  20%
  Over two weeks No refunds 

Loan/Grant/Scholarship Adjustments

Adjustments to scholarships, grants and loan programs will be made in accordance with respective program regulations and University policy before a refund to the student is calculated. In cases where a refund may be due and the student has received funds through the Guaranteed Student Loan Program, it is our policy to refund those funds directly to the bank which made the loan. Refunds will not be made in the case of absence, dismissal or suspension.

Other Fees

After registration there shall be no refund of fees.

Refunds for Maryland Residents *As of 12/31/15 This is a Discontinued Policy*


University of New England's Refund Policy follows the Federal Return of Title IV Aid Refund Policy for Maryland residents. If a student withdraws from UNE prior to the 60% point in the semester (based on calendar days from the first day of the semester through the last scheduled day of the semester) eligible charges due or paid will be refunded on a pro rata basis within 40 days of termination date. Some fees are non-refundable and therefore not pro-rated. Fees not refunded are: General Service (one-time fee), Application (one-time fee) and Technology (charged each semester fee). Financial aid awarded (if any) will be returned to the federal, state and University of New England programs on a pro rata basis. Outside scholarship or non-federal loan assistance will not be returned unless specifically requested by the provider.  After the 60 percent point in the semester, financial aid will not be reduced for any withdrawal, nor will any refund will be granted. This policy applies to all university withdrawals whether student initiated or administrative withdrawals.  Students should note that withdrawal may or may not result in an actual refund of money to the student. Circumstances may occur in which the student still owes money to the University even after appropriate withdrawal credit.



Less than 10%


10% up to but not including 20%


20% up to but not including 30%


30% up to but not including 40%


40% up to but not including 60%


more than 60%

No Refund

Contact Student Financial Services with specific questions.


Important Notes

  1. Students should expect annual increases in the cost of attending UNE since the University is subject to the same inflationary pressures that affect the rest of society.
  2. The Board of Trustees, however, reserves the right to make changes in tuition and fees at any time.
  3. For their own protection while at the University, it is recommended that students carry their own local checking accounts to provide funds for incidental expenses and emergencies. People's United Bank, which is our preferred bank, provides a full-service ATM machine located in the Campus Center and in the Alfond Forum on the Biddeford Campus, and in the breezeway between Proctor and Hersey Halls on the Portland College Campus.  For those students who have People's United Bank checking accounts, ATM transactions are free of charge. Checks may also be cashed daily ($75 maximum) at the Student Accounts Office on the Biddeford Campus. 
  4. The University offers direct deposit to its students. Students with credit balances can have the excess funds directly deposited in the bank of their choice. The sign-up form is available on the Web. 
  5. The University will not be responsible for the loss of property on or off campus although it strives to safeguard students' property on campus.
  6. Students are expected to pay for textbooks at the beginning of the semester. Books, supplies and other items available at the University Bookstore may be paid for with cash, check, Master Card, VISA, and Discover.
  7. A student in the military reserves will be granted a full leave of absence tuition credit should the student be called to active duty while attending courses during any given semester.