Bhima MacDonald Sturtevant Papers, 1814-2000

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Volume: 2 linear feet

Organization/Arrangement: Organized as a single series

Biographical Note: Bhima Sturtevant was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1887. She studied voice at the Peabody Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. In the 1930s she moved to Portland, Maine, and had a summer home in Old Orchard Beach. Her first work was an aqueous history of Portland, published just before WWII, but she continued to document the history of Portland, becoming one of the foremost authorities on the area's past.

Sturtevant's works were published in local and national newspapers, and she was a consultant to other authors on books regarding Maine history. She also wrote over a thousand poems during her life, and was president of the International Longfellow Society. Sturtevant was also president of the League of Women Voters in Maine, president of Maine Writers Research Group, president of the Old Orchard Beach Historical Society, and was active in the Maine Historical Society. She was awarded the Kings Medal for her service to British troops in WWII, and was co-director of the USO in Portland.

Access Restrictions: None

Please cite as: Bhima MacDonald Sturtevant Papers, Maine Women Writers Collection, University of New England, Portland, Maine

Container List:
001.  Mixed essays [typescripts]
002.  Mixed typescripts - Maine history
003.  Mixed typescripts
004-005.  "Portland's First School Marm, Sarah Jenkins Price"
006.  "One Day  - One Wind" [typescript]
007.  "Why Blame Us?" [typescript]
008.  "Aftermath of an Operation"/"Getting Under My Skin" [typescript]
009.  "Jeremiah O'Brien", 1974 [typescript]
010.  Poetry [Letter from Dorothy Healy to Sue McConkey]
011.  State of Maine 1973 Writers Conference [poetry booklet]
012.  American Weave, 1964-65, relocated to MWWC Periodicals
013.  "Land of the gondolas" 1974 [typescript]
014.  "Review of a Record" [Federation of Womens Clubs of Maine from 1895-1925]
015.  "Review of a Record" [Federation of Womens Clubs of Maine from 1895-1925] carbon copy
016-019.  Typescript "Maine Coastal Islands" from Maine Writers' Research Group
020.  Casco Bay Islands - research and typescript
021.  Handwrittten and typescript pages on islands
022.  "A Search for Treasure" [typescript]
023.  "The History of Richmond Island" [typescript]
024.  "Jewell's Island" [typescript]
025.  "The Knight of the Christmas Star"
026.  "One Christmas Eve" notes and manuscript
027.  Correspondence "Maine Islands," 1955-1960
028.  "Country Gentlemen" research, notes, clippings, manuscript
029.  "Eighteen Hours to Wait" [typescript]
030.  "Stratia" [manuscript]
031-034.  Abigail May - Research notes
035.  Abigail May - Research photographs
036.  Abigail May - Research correspondence to BMS
037.  Abigail May -  1789 journal transcription
038-039.  Abigail May -  Typescript "Diary of Abigail May, Portland, 1796"
040.  "Of Ships and seas and sealing wax" manuscript and notes
041.  "The Y" manuscript, 1974
042.  Research notes Health - 19th Century cures, etc.
043.  Handbook on First Aid, Johnson & Johnson [1911?] – re-cataloged in book collection
044.  American Phrenological Journal, Jan.  1866 - relocated to MWWC Periodicals Collection
045.  Research notes - Dancing
046.  Stove & Bechters Quarterly, Aug.  1898 [music]
047.  Trifets Monthly Galaxy of Music -[187?]
048.  Research and ephemera - food/housekeeping
048a.  Research notes - humor
049-050.  Music - research notes
051.  Stephen Foster notes
052.  "The Song of All Songs" composed by Stephen C. Foster [undated sheet music]
053.  Sheet music signed to BMS from the music group of the Salon of Seven Arts
054.  Philadelphia Musical Journal clippings [189?]
055.  Stereopticon - musicians and singers
056.  Mae Ford Haviland
057.  Research notes - Churches and church music
058.  Research notes/writing - religious life Saco Bay music
059-062.  Old Orchard Camp Meetings 1950's  notes, ms, articles
063-064.  Old Orchard History - notes and typescripts
065.  Old Orchard Beach Historical Society, 1965-1981
066.  Old Orchard Writers' Conference 1958
067.  Typescripts and notes - York, ME
068.  Col. William Pepperell research material
069.  York, ME published material
070.  William S. Steward congressional speeches, 1856
071.  Address of Governor Hamlin, 1857
072.  Speech by Justin S. Morrill, of VT, in favor of terminating the Reciprocity Treaty with Great Britain...1814
073.  Casco Bay postcards and photos, ca. 1910
074.  1950s pamphlets - Maine
075.  Unidentified 19th cent. photos of young girls; poem by Mary Nutter
076.  A. W. Harmon poetry broadsides - "The Granite Mill Fire"/"Pity the Sorrowful"
077.  Maps - Mt. Katahdin, 1955; NH and Vermont road map, 1925? - located in OVS Box 2
078.  Susan H. Pearley manuscript poem [ca.  1860?]
079-080.  Maine genealogy/research notes and sources
081-082.  "Legendary Ladies" - research, correspondence, typescripts
083-084.  Clippings, articles for "Legendary Ladies"
085.  Falmouth Gazette 1(1) Jan 1, 1785 [facsimile] - located in OVS Box 2
086.  Scrapbook 1890s clippings
087.  Godey's Lady's Book tear sheets, 1859
088.  Godey's Lady's Book tear sheets
089.  Typescript "One street, one girl, once upon a time" or "Once upon a hill"
090-91.  "Once Upon a Hill Top" typescript
092.  Portland biography, personalities, loose notes and clippings
093.  Research notes/drafts - Transportation
094a.  Map of Portland, Maine, ca. 1940 [1863 horsecar lines drawn in by hand]
094b.  Transportation: Portland area history
095.  Transportation: Portland streets, mail stages
096.  Transportation-related ephemera: photo reproductions
097.  Portland history: traders, printers
098.  Military musters - notes
099-103.  Portland streets, businesses and homes - notes, clippings, ms
104.  Portland General Freight Agent correspondence
105-106.  Portland fires - ms and research
107.  Research on Edwin H. Lemare by Nelson Barden
108.  Correspondence - Maine Writers' Research Group
109.  Research Portland Water Company
110-111.  Typescript "Through the Land" by Anne Mayne
112.  Typescript "Those Happy Climbing Days" by Elizabeth Knowlton
113.  Research - Rangley
114.  Research - Rumford
115.  Lewiston Journal, May 18, 1918, "Story of the Portland Observatory"
116-117.  "Mariners Spring" research
118.  Correspondence 1930s - 1940s
119.  "The Aviator's Prayer" [sheet music manuscript] words by Bhima Sturtevant - located in OVS Box 2
120.  Correspondence to BMS, 1943-1944 [Portland Postwar Consultation Committee]
121.  Correspondence to BMS, 1940-1971
122.  Correspondence from May Lamberton Becker [re: Edna St. Vincent Millay]
123.  Correspondence from Elizabeth Coatsworth
124.  Correspondence from Hazel Wilson, 1964
125.  Correspondence from Mary Worthley, 1970s
126.  Correspondence from Loring Williams, 1954; 1960s
127.  Correspondence from Dorothy Healy, 1970s
128.  International Longfellow Society correspondence, 1955
129.  Clubs and activities
130.  Clippings about BMS
131.  Biographical sources for BMS
132.  Personal photographs from the 1920s
133.  USO work, 1944-1947
134.  Maine Writers' Research Club, 1950s
135.  Notation from file folder about BMS' "Aqueous History of Portland"
136.  Correspondence from Jim Sturtevant to Bowman (?) (family relation), 2000