Frances Wilson Peabody Papers, 1980-1997

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Volume: 3 linear feet

Organization/Arrangement: Collection is organized as five series: 
I. Tate House: Crown of the Maine Mast Trade
II. Sweetser Children's Services and Children's Home of Portland Publication
III. Research Files of Historic Maine (including Portland) and People
IV. Organizations
V. Appointment Books/Calendars from 1969 to 2001

Biographical Note: Frances (Frannie) Peabody was born on April 18, 1903. In 1925 she graduated from Smith College. She married Millard S. Peabody and had four children, Charlotte, Barbara, Louise, and Sandy (Millard S. Jr.). Peabody founded Greater Portland Landmarks, and was also a member of The National Society of Colonial Dames, both of which involved her in championing historical places in Maine. With The National Society of Colonial Dames, she was an active supporter of their museum house, the Tate House. She co-authored Tate House: Crown of the Maine Mast Trade with William David Barry, and wrote other pieces on the history of the Tate House, as well as of Sweetser Children's Services, and the Stroudwater area of Portland. 

Peabody was best known for her HIV/AIDS work, which she became passionate about following the death of her grandson, Peter Vom Lehn, in 1984. She joined an AIDS support group, and through the connections she made in the group, Peabody helped to establish the first AIDS hotline in Maine in 1985. In 1986 she established The AIDS Project (TAP), which became Maine's largest AIDS service organization. On Valentine's Day, 1995, she opened the Peabody House, which is the first and only assisted living facility in Maine for people with advanced stages of HIV. Tireless in her efforts to educate people about the disease, Peabody visited schools, churches, and civic groups. For over 10 years she led a weekly support group at TAP and never missed a meeting.

Peabody was also a supporter of gay rights, and testified before the Maine Legislature on the gay rights bill. Her work was featured in several national publications, including The New York Times, Newsweek, McCall's, and People. She was the recipient of many awards including the Human Rights Campaign Fund of Boston Special Award (1988), the Smith College Medal in 1992, and the 2000 National Leadership Award from the AIDS Action Committee. Peabody died on June 26, 2001 at age 98. In 2002, TAP and the Peabody House merged into one organization to better serve the HIV/AIDS community. It was named the Frannie Peabody Center to honor Peabody's dedication to the cause.

Description:  Series 1 consists of the files set up by Peabody as she worked her way through the process of writing and publishing Tate House: Crown of the Maine Mast Trade.  The files document the steps necessary to see a project through, ie., multiple drafts, publicizing, printers, funding, and reviews by peers. Peabody's original file titles and order were retained as much as possible. Series 2 contains multiple black and white images in publication layout telling the story of the merger between Sweetser Services and the Children's Home of Portland. Series 3, Research Files of Historic Maine (including Portland) and People, contains newspaper clippings, photocopies, research papers, and uncredited notes that FWP collected for reference purposes on a variety of subjects. Series 4, Organizations, consists of papers that relate to FWP's work with many Maine organizations and some she did not work with; copies of lecture notes that accompanied her slide lectures [note: original slides and notes have been given to Greater Portland Landmarks]; her records of her involvement with her alma mater, Smith College, including reunion organization; materials from a scrapbook album (mostly photographs) that she gathered as a gift to the MWWC in honor of author Elizabeth Gilmore Holt (later added to by MWWC co-founder Dorothy Healy); and lastly, a biography of FWP by Kathy Mills and five computer disks of unknown content.

Access Restrictions: None

Please cite as: Frances Wilson Peabody Papers, Maine Women Writers Collection, University of New England, Portland, Maine

Additional Resources: Note that the Maine Women Writers Collection also holds a copy of "Frannie Peabody: The Best is Yet to Come," a 29-minute biographical video of the life of Frances Peabody, created in 1992 by Robert Atkinson of the Center for the Study of Lives at University of Southern Maine, Gorham, and Andrea Sarris, director and producer. 

Container List:

I. Tate House: Crown of the Maine Mast Trade

001. Tate House Book Manuscript
002. Copy of book in published form
003. Tate House Outline
004. Misc. Notes for Tate House Book
006. Tate House Book Promos
007. Book Reviews and Duplicates
008. Book Reviews
009. Criticisms of Book
010. Letter Re: Tate House Book, 1982
013. Letter & List for Tate House Book Fundraising
014. Book Committee Project, 1982
015. Tate House Autograph Party Materials, 1982
016. Letter Sent to Membership w/ Brochure, 1982
017. Tate House Brochure Materials
018. "Committees"
019. Photo Album Tate House Event, Sept. 19, 1982
020. Tate House Book Galleys
021. Tate House Book Waldo Map
022. Tate House Book Images
023. Tate House Book Illus. Lists Images
024. Tate House Book Publishing Process
025. Tate House Book Report of Book Committee
026. Tate House Book Bill Barry 1981
027. Tate House Book C. Payson Gift
028. Tate House Book Request to Colonial Dames
029. Tate House Book Anthoensen Press
030. Tate House Book Expenses
031. Tate House Book Craftsmen Bookbinders Service
032. Tate House Book Index Ack. Intro Empty
033. Tate House Book Worksheet
034. Tate House Book Index etc.
035. Tate House Book Intro by Earl Shuttleworth
036. Tate House Book Ack.
037. Tate House Book Dexter Brewer
038. Inserts Scrapbook "Reviews of Tate House" (book)
039. Scrapbook "Reviews of Tate House"
040. Scrapbook - Reviews of Tate House Contents

II. Sweetser Children's Services and Children's Home of Portland Publication

001. Book material--Print from "Portland Charities" by J. B. Hudson
002. Book material--multiple prints black and white and color
003. Book material--multiple prints black and white and color labeled "Photo section II & I
004. Book material--copy of "Agreement and Plan of Merger Between Children's Home of Portland and Sweetser Children's Services," 1992

III. Research Files of Historic Maine (including Portland) and People

001. Historic places in Portland
002. Historic Portland--The Brush'uns
003. Historic Portland--McLellan-Sweat House (lecture notes by Peabody?)
004. Historic Portland--"The Burning of Portland" by Eliz. Ring
005. Historic Portland--Capt. Elphin Stone
006. Historic Portland--Harrison Brown House (Danforth St.)
007. Historic Portland--"This Was Stroudwater" by Myrtle E. Lovejoy
008. Historic Portland--General John Marshall Brown
009. Historic Portland--Miss Martin's School For Girls
010. Historic Portland--"Penelope Martin" by Elizabeth Sweetser Baxter
011. Historic Portland--Victoria Mansion
012. Historic Portland--Post Office
013. Historic Portland--Walter Goodwin Davis (1937)
014. Historic Portland--Spurwink Church
014a. Historic Portland--State Street Church Connick Memorial Windows
015. Historic Portland--Stroudwater
016. Historic Portland--Stroudwater Village
017. Historic Portland--Stroudwater widening of Congress St.
018. Historic Portland--Stroudwater/Westbrook Arterial
018a. Historic Portland--Brochures
019. Historic Maine--Blazo/Leavitt House Parsonsfield
020. Historic Maine--Phippsburg
021. Historic Maine--Skowhegan
022. Historic Maine--Mast Landing Freeport
023. Historic Maine--Capt. Harding House Yarmouth
024. Historic Maine--Pejebscot Museum House
025. Historic Maine--Hamilton House Berwick
027. Historic Maine--Norlands
028. Historic Maine--Capt. Thomas Westbrook Rededicatioin of Grave
029. Historic Maine--Copy of NY Tribune newspaper 1932 related to King's Pines in Brunswick
030. Historic Maine--Clippings of house in Maine
030a. Historic Maine--Clipping file
031. Notable Individuals--Clippings re: Edgar Beem Peggy Church Francis O'Brien Payson "Irises"
032. Notable Individuals--William Barry
033. Notable Individuals--Myrtle Lovejoy

IV. Organizations

001. Organizations--Newcomen Society Paper, 1982
002. Organizations--Maine League of Historical Societies and Museums
003. Organizations--Westbrook College/Portland Kaleidescope
004. Organizations--Maine Historic Preservation Commission
005. Organizations--Greater Portland Landmarks
006. Organizations--Maine Historical Society
007. Organizations--Maine Historical Society photos and negatives
008. Organizations--Maine Historical Society Planned Giving Committee
009. Organizations--SPNEA Council, 1988-1991
010. Organizations--Portland Public Library, 1992
011. Organizations--Victoria Mansion (Portland Me.) Restoration Committee
012. Organizations--Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1990s
013. Organizations--Victoria Society of Maine
014. Organizations--Maine Council for Historic Preservation
014a. Organizations--Conference for Historic Preservation & Land Conservation Easement, 6/6/82
015. Lecture Notes--Samuel F. Manning Camden
016. Lecture Notes--Philanthropy, 1990 (Durham NH)
017. Lecture Notes--Col. Westbrook letters to his son-in-law
018. Lecture Notes--Undated notebook pages
019. Lecture Notes--Undated unknown subject
020. Lecture Notes--Slide presentation: Woodman Family
021. Lecture Notes--Slide presentation: Wall Street Decorative Wall Painting
022. Lecture Notes--Slide presentation: Victorian Architecture Portland
023. Lecture Notes--Miscellaneous
025. Smith College Papers--55th Reunion
026. Smith College Papers--FWP correspondence with her parents, 1923, 1924, 1950
027. Smith College Papers--Reunions commencements
028. Smith College Papers--Letter from Mary Ellen Chase, 1956
029. Smith College Papers--Undated speech, 1956
030. Smith College Papers--Smith College Club of Western Maine clippings
031. Smith College Papers--Class of 1925
032. Smith College Papers--History of Smith College [by FWP?]
033. Smith College Papers--Smith College Book Award, 1983, 1984
034. Smith College Papers--Frannie Copeland Memorial, 1980
035. Smith College Papers--Photographs 1923-25 later years of individuals from early classes
036. Smith College Papers--50th Reunion with accompanying letter
037. Smith College Papers--50th Reunion with 1925 class memorabilia
038. FWP Biography by Kathy Mills
039. FWP Computer disks (5)
040. General U.S. history ephemera
041. Greater Portland Landmarks Frances Peabody Collection Inventory, 2008
042. Interview w/ Marion M. White, Sept 5., 1990
043. Article "On Route 66 with Fran Peabody 94" Portland Monthly Magazine, 1997
044. Finding Aid for Frances Peabody Collection located at USM provenance and location of collection, 2003
045. Scrapbook for MWWC in honor of Elizabeth Gilmore Holt -- bookplate, undated
046. Scrapbook for MWWC in honor of Elizabeth Gilmore Holt -- photos of MWWC, undated
047. Scrapbook for MWWC in honor of Elizabeth Gilmore Holt -- photos of MWWC, undated, 1990
048. Scrapbook for MWWC in honor of E. G. Holt -- photos & corresp. Grace Dow party, 1987
049. Scrapbook for MWWC in honor of E. G. Holt -- invitation to Maine Women's Hall of Fame ceremony, 1993
050. Scrapbook for MWWC in honor of E. G. Holt -- list of donors/invitees? undated

V. Appointment Books & Calendars from 1969 to 2001

001. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1969
002. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1970
003. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1971
004. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1972
005. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1973
006. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1974
007. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1975
008. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1976
009. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1977
010. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1978
011. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1979
012. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1980
013. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1981
014. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1982
015. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1983
016. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1984
017. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1985
018. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1986
019. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1987
020. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1988
021. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1989
022. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1990
023. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1991
024. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1992
025. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1993
026. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1994
027. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1995
028. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1996
029. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1997
030. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1998
031. Appt. Book/Calendar, 1999
032. Appt. Book/Calendar, 2000
033. Appt. Book/Calendar, 2000--photo insert
034. Appt. Book/Calendar, 2001
035. Appt. Book/Calendar insert, undated