Art Therapy


Stephen Burt, Creative and Fine Arts, Department Chair

Dr. Trish Long, Psychology Department, Chair

Degree name
Minor in Art Therapy

Minor Description

The Departments of Creative and Fine Arts, and Psychology jointly offer a Minor in Art Therapy. Art Therapy in a burgeoning field that draws from the disciplines of psychology, art, and other creative process to promote healing and overall well-being for individuals with mental and physical disabilities. The minor provides a basic foundation for continued study or for work in community art programs and organizations where art is used as part of the therapeutic process.  The permission of the chair in either the Department of Creative and Fine Arts or Psychology is required.

Curricular Requirements

The minor in Art Therapy requires a total of 21credits - 12 from the Psychology Department and 9 from the Creative and Fine Arts Department. Courses may not be used to fulfill both major and minor requirements.

Psychology Department 12
PSY 105 - Introduction to Psychology 3

PSY 410 - Theories, Research and Practice of Counseling


PSY 430 - Introduction to Art Therapy

One of the following courses:  
PSY 205 - Abnormal Psych 3
PSY 295 - Listening & Communication Skills 3
PSY 310 - Children & Stress 3
PSY 250 - Lifespan Development 3
Creative and Fine Arts Department  9
ART 100 - Drawing I 3
ART 201 - Painting I 3
One of the following courses:  
ART 110 - Ceramics 3
ART 113 - Sculpture 3
In the event that the above courses have been taken to fulfill requirements for the Art Education major or an art minor, students will be required to take 9 credits from the following list:  
ART 102 - Photography 3
ART 103 - Intro to Image Capture 3
ART 114 - Printmaking 3
ART 199 - Art Topics Course 3
ART 204 - Painting II 3
ART 214 - Digital Photography 3
ART 230 - Graphic Design 3
Minimum Required Total Credits 21

Honors Program

We offer qualified students the option of participating in our Honors Program and graduating with Honors. This includes significant research, scholarship or creative activity under the direction of a faculty member.

Financial Information

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for subsequent years may vary. Other expenses include books and housing. For more information regarding tuition and fees, please consult the Financial Information section of this catalog.