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Department of Psychology

Welcome to the Psychology Department, home of the Psychology major and minor, Animal Behavior major and minor, Neuroscience major and minor, Mental Health Rehabilitation minor, and Art Therapy minor. You will find many opportunities within the department to explore your interests as they relate to humans and other animals. We invite you read about what students and faculty are doing here at UNE in our majors and minors and to schedule a visit to come as see for yourself the great experiences available in the Psychology Department.



Want to learn about what makes people do the things they do?  Why do people think the way they do and remember the things they remember? What leads to the development of mental health problems and how can people with such problems be supported? How do our personalities develop and affect our behavior? How do other people affect the way we think and behave? How can we apply what we know about what makes people tick to business, industry, counseling, or other areas? If so, check out the Psychology major and minor.

Psychology students with poster

Animal Behavior 

Animal behavior student with wolf

Want to learn about how other animals learn to do the things they do and what the role of instinct is? Want to know what kinds of thoughts and feelings animals have? Do animals have personalities?  How can we work through conservation to help animals? How can we work to best train and support animals that interact with us regularly? How can we learn more about animals living in their natural habitats? If so, check out the Animal Behavior major and minor.


Want to focus on how the human brain is involved in human behavior? How are our emotions related to neuronal activity? How are mental health problems related to the nervous and endocrine systems? How can information about the brain and body be used to help improve human lives? If so, check out the Neuroscience major and minor.

Student with anatomical models

Mental Health Rehabilitation Minor

Holding hands at counseling session

Are you interested in working to help people in a field like counseling? Do you imagine yourself going on to be a Clinical or Counseling Psychologist? Do you hope to work in a non-profit agency supporting children or adults with special needs or difficulties? Do you want to learn more about abnormal psychology and mental health problems? If so, check out the Mental Health Rehabilitation minor which can be added to a psychology major or any other major at UNE. The Mental Health Rehabilitation minor provides students not only with understand of these issues, but also allows students to successfully apply for the MHRT/C certificate offered by the state of Maine, a highly valued credential for mental health workers.

Art Therapy Minor

Are you interested in helping people using art as one of your tools?  Do you imagine yourself working with kids or adults receiving other mental health treatments and supporting them through creative expression though drawing, ceramics, painting, or other creative arts? If so, check out the Art Therapy minor, co-offered by the Psychology Department and the Department of Art.

Psychology Art Therapy


Michael Burman provides science-based tips for studying in Bangor Daily News article
Michael Burman provides science-based tips for studying in Bangor Daily News article

Psychology professor offers science-based study tips

Michael Burman, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Psychology , recently shared science-based tips for studying with the Bangor Daily News . As many...