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The College of Arts and Sciences is located on UNE's scenic Biddeford Campus, where the waters of the Saco River flow into the Atlantic Ocean. Over the years, this confluence of natural resources has inspired students and faculty from around the world.

As the liberal arts and sciences require exploration of the natural world, but also of the world of human kind, we believe in inquiry that fosters empathy and understanding. This pursuit of knowledge and caring for the world is at the center of the mission of the College of Arts and Sciences and is reflected in our Core Curriculum.

We are committed to preparing students for meaningful and rewarding careers through an education based on the liberal arts and sciences in an atmosphere rich in scholarship and service.

Our students discover an array of collaborative and interdisciplinary academic experiences built upon a solid foundation in the humanities, arts, and natural and social sciences. Each major provides a vital balance between the breadth of a traditional liberal arts education and the depth necessary for advanced knowledge in a field. 

We also believe deeply in undergraduate research because it embodies the ideal of education. Research is not restricted to the sciences and mathematics. Students find opportunities for scholarship and creative activities in all College of Arts and Sciences disciplines. 


Rick Peterson (left of center table) and one of his Kenyan co-authors Peter Nyabua (center table, right) conduct a focus group w
Rick Peterson (left of center table) and one of his Kenyan co-authors Peter Nyabua (center table, right) conduct a focus group with Katuk Odeyo Gully Rehabilitation Trust members. Photo taken by Dr. Raphael Kapiyo, the second Kenyan co-author.

UNE’s environmental studies chair Rick Peterson, Emily Campbell ’13 and Kenyan colleagues publish on gully rehabilitation trusts in western Kenya

UNE Associate Professor Richard Peterson, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Environmental Studies, published an article in the February 2018 issue of the Journal of...



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