Global Education: Study Abroad

Global Experiences for Every Student

The mission of the Global Education Program is to foster global citizenship by providing the opportunity for all students to study abroad. Our program offers English-language courses in the sciences, humanities, business and the arts, as well as language study in Arabic, Spanish or French. Because we provide the lab science courses needed to complete many of the undergraduate programs at UNE, you can go abroad and stay on track with the requirements of your major.


Ready to go global? We're here to make it easy.

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Semesters Abroad

Tangier, Morocco

Five U N E students stand before a colorful wall in Morocco

Students from UNE and elsewhere are invited to spend a semester abroad at UNE Morocco. UNE is the only U.S. university to own a study abroad site specially designed for the needs of health sciences students, and with classes for almost any major. Our beautiful campus features state-of-the-art labs and residences in the heart of one of the hottest up-and-coming study abroad destinations and new scholarships are available for most students.

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Seville, Spain

You can spend a semester abroad in beautiful Seville, Spain — where the ancient meets the modern, and world cultures converge — for the same cost as a semester on campus in Maine. 

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A reflecting pool surrounded by ancient buildings in Seville, Spain

Travel Courses

Fascinating Subjects and Destinations

A U N E student uses ropes and climbing gear to scale the face of an ice-covered mountain

​Faculty-led short term travel courses are another way to study abroad. You meet with faculty throughout the semester to prepare for travel through readings, lectures and coursework. Then you travel to destinations in Africa, Europe, and Central and South America during a semester break or over the summer. 



UNE Student Reflections on Study Abroad in Morocco

Internship in Morocco

Ambassador Bush encourages American students to study in Morocco

Noelle's Journey in Morocco

University of New England in Tangier, Morocco

UNE Students "On Top of The World" in Tangier, Morocco

UNE students in Meknes, Fes & Volubilis

UNE Students in Chefchaouen

Conservation in Kenya: A UNE Travel Course

Sara Capobianco on UNE's Tangier Campus

by the Numbers

  • 100%

    Percentage of your financial aid package that applies toward our semester abroad programs in Spain and Morocco

  • 165

    Number of students who received additional Global Education Scholarships in 2013-2014

  • 3x

    UNE undergraduates study abroad at a rate almost three times the national average