Global Education Program

As a UNE undergraduate, for the same cost as studying in Maine, you can spend a semester in Tangier, Morocco or Seville, Spain. Our campus in Tangier sits at the crossroads of civilizations, where languages, cultures and religions coexist, offering an ideal place to examine global concerns like the relationship between Islam and the West, immigration, human rights and women’s rights. Through our Global Education Program, you may also participate in shorter faculty-led travel courses that take you to the places around the globe where the knowledge you’re gaining in your discipline takes on special meaning.  

As a UNE graduate student, you enjoy your own opportunities for short-term study abroad, such as two-week health care immersions in Ghana that integrate western health practices with folk medicine, summer exchanges for pharmacy students at the University of Granada in Spain, and social work trips to countries across the Caribbean.

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The University of New England has made a strategic decision to develop a global outreach beyond routine faculty-led travel courses or using the services of third-party providers. We don't hold empty agreements with other universities or institutions; the agreements we have signed in Spain and Morocco involve real partnerships, such as investing in outfitting new labs, developing exchange programs in health care professions, and sharing resources and faculty.

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