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The Year of Opportunity — Donors to Date

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Announcing UNE’s Year of Opportunity

The Vision 2017 ten-year strategic plan developed under the leadership of President Danielle N. Ripich is largely completed. But before we can declare the campaign a complete success, we still have a little more work to do in order to ensure that every student who aspires to be part of the UNE experience has the Opportunity to do so. That’s why contributions for scholarships and student support will be our primary focus during the final year of the Moving Forward campaign, the Year of Opportunity.

Paying it forward — creating opportunity through education and philanthropy 

cheryl lang

Cheryl L. Lang, MSEd '02, '10 writes, "After earning two master’s level degrees from UNE, I've returned for the third time to pursue my Doctorate in Educational Leadership. I just keep coming back to UNE for more!”

Throughout her life, Cheryl had a variety of jobs. When her children started school she decided to return to school full-time to develop a career in education. “When I decided to get into education, my first job was in a middle school. I looked into UNE because I wanted to learn more about middle school students and to understand the middle school philosophy.”

Cheryl enrolled in UNE’s Master of Science in Education degree and graduated in 2002. She followed this up with a master’s degree in Educational Leadership in 2010. The education and support she received from UNE provided her the foundation to be a successful teacher for 13 years. After being an instructional coach for three years, Cheryl left the middle school to become the Dean of Students at Telstar High School in Bethel, Maine, and then a year later, moved into the role of principal.

In her new leadership position, Cheryl was faced with additional challenges and once again turned to UNE’s online doctoral program. She plans to complete her Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) in Education by 2019. “UNE’s online degree programs have been amazing. I have had the opportunity to be very flexible with my learning and time frame. I really enjoy the format — it is so easy to navigate and use. I already feel like I know my classmates. I have conversed and worked with people worldwide, including some from as far away as Taiwan. It really doesn’t get much better than that. I did a lot of research into different online programs and UNE came out on top. I really can’t praise it enough.”

In all respects of her studies, Cheryl has not forgotten the donors who made her journey possible. To help pay for her undergraduate degree, she relied on several small scholarships. “Meeting a donor who made a gift to one of my scholarships was a touching and powerful experience. I kept this experience in the back of my mind and vowed that when I could, I would help out a student who really needed it. It’s not only important to me to continue to learn, but also to give back by making financial help available to other students.”

Throughout Cheryl's career in education, she holds firm in her belief,

We all are responsible for engaging student and elevating learning. 

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