The Office of Research provides leadership to the University of New England community in building research and scholarly activities by:

  • Providing support for faculty and staff to identify and pursue funding opportunities.
  • Ensuring that faculty and staff have all the tools necessary to be competitive.
  • Encouraging student participation in research.
  • Ensuring compliance in all research functions.


Bar graph showing increase in external funding for U N E researches from 2006 to 2014

Research by the Numbers

  • 200+

    Number of undergraduate students who have given presentations at regional and national conferences during the last six years.

  • 41%

    Percentage of UNE seniors who have worked with faculty on research projects, compared with 23% at all colleges surveyed by the NSSE.

  • 146

    Number of UNE faculty and staff peer-reviewed publications in 2013 cited by the Scopus database. Represents a 274% increase over 2003.


James Sulikowski tags a Porbeagle shark on "Shark Vortex" on Discovery
James Sulikowski tags a Porbeagle shark on "Shark Vortex" on Discovery

UNE marine biologist puts Maine on the map on Shark Week

The University of New England’s resident shark expert is putting Maine shark research on the map after his second appearance on Discovery’s Shark Week. James...