Art & Design Media Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes
  1. The program will stress the student’s acquisition of skills that represent appropriate professional practices as well as a clear understanding of how to evaluate their own work for accuracy, expression and clarity. Among these skills students will develop experience in and knowledge of:
    • Creative and compositional methods across media.
    • The creative process starting from initial sketches and outlines to the finished work. Problem solving is intrinsic to this process.
    • The development of their personal voice through intensive study in the senior capstone year. The link between concept and media.
    • Art history with an emphasis on contemporary practice in Western and Non-Western worlds.
    • Critical thinking and aesthetic assessment both verbal and written.
  2. Courses in the creative arts introduce understanding of materials, processes and their application. The program will provide students with hands on experience with the tools and latest technologies used in the arts professions in which they will work.
    • They will study and learn to:
      • Appreciate, understand and utilize methods of craftsmanship in a variety of media.
      • Develop their knowledge and abilities in graphic and web design, commercially viable skills with broad applicability.
      • Develop working knowledge of the gallery and museum world.
  3. Students will be encouraged to link their study of art with other disciplines and have the opportunity to create work that expresses their personal backgrounds and interests. The number of credits required of an art media major will allow them the possibility to double major in English, History, Liberal Studies, Political Science, Math, Psychology, along with the proposed Co-Major in Documentary Studies.
    • Students can also take internships in art and/or communications organizations as part of their course of study. Faculty will work with interested students to facilitate this option.