Art & Design Media Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Through directed and experiential learning, courses in the creative arts introduce understanding of methods, materials, processes and their application. Students learn to think both concretely and intuitively through hands on experiences. Instructors provide historical and contemporary models to convey these concepts. Learning through the arts allows students to acquire a variety of separate but interrelated concepts and skills to demonstrate knowledge of the creative process, craftsmanship, and personal voice. Students successfully completing arts study will:

1. Be able to determine and demonstrate concrete methods and processes for research and creation, or performance, in the arts. Accordingly, they will be able to demonstrate skill in graphic and/or symbolic communication.

2. Be able to assemble or perform work that demonstrates standards of craftsmanship in the discipline. Accordingly, they will learn methods of writing, discussion and critique of creative works of art or music.

3. Develop skills that expand their expressive capabilities, with the goal of developing a distinct personal voice that emphasizes their interests and experiences.