The Department of Chemistry and Physics has dynamic and energetic faculty members, who have specifically chosen to teach and conduct research in an undergraduate setting. They stress understanding of principles, critical thinking, communication skills, and strategies for effective problem solving.

In addition to being dedicated teachers in the classroom, our faculty members are actively involved in directing undergraduate research, an essential component of a quality undergraduate degree program in the sciences. Many opportunities exist for students to conduct cutting-edge research with a faculty mentor.

Members of the faculty have published the results of their research with undergraduates in peer-reviewed literature, have been successful in securing extramural funding for their research and curriculum development efforts, and often take their students to national meetings in order to present the results of their research.

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Full-time Faculty

John S


Associate Professor, Chemistry

(207) 602-2152

Morgane Hall


Physical chemistry; thermophysical properties; Monte Carlo molecular simulation; phase behavior

Amy Deveau

Amy M. Deveau

Ph.D., Chemistry

Assistant Chair

Associate Professor, Chemistry

(207) 602-2813

Morgane Hall


Small molecule design


& spectroscopic characterization; synthesis of biologically active

nitrogen-containing heterocycles with applications to chemotherapy and pain; the design and synthesis of exotic amino acids; total synthesis of natural p

Assistant Professor

(207) 602-2608

Morgane Hall



Structural Biology



Penny Clum

Penny L. Clum

MS Chemical Engineering MS Biochemistry

Assistant Lecturer, Chemistry and Biochemistry

(207) 602-2267

Morgane Hall


Chemistry Education

Stephen Fox

Professor of Chemistry

(207) 602-2317

Morgane Hall


Inorganic Chemistry; Bioinorganic Chemistry; chelating ligand design and synthesis; coordination chemistry

Amy Keirstead

Amy E. Keirstead

Ph.D., Physical Organic Chemistry

Associate Professor, Chemistry

(207) 602-2264

Morgane Hall


Physical organic chemistry

organic photochemistry

laser flash photolysis

chemistry of materials

green chemistry.

Brad M

Brad Moser

Ph.D. Physics

Assistant Lecturer, Physics

(207) 602-2039

Morgane Hall


PER: Physics Education Research

Physics for the Life Sciences: designing new labs and classroom activities

Clickers: designing interesting

thought provoking

and relevant questions

Ph.D. Research: Ion time-of-flight and vacuum-ultraviolet spectroscopy

Jerry M

Professor of Chemistry, Ludcke Chair 2013

Assistant Coach, Women's and Men's Cross Country

(207) 602-2538

Morgane Hall


Analytical chemistry; spectroscopic methods of analysis; fluorescence and chemiluminescence; environmental analysis; clinical analysis.

Jill M. Randall Tenny

M.S. Space Sciences and Astrophysics

Assistant Lecturer, Physics

(207) 602-2040

Decary Hall


Physics Education

High Energy Astrophysics

Joseph Simard

Ph.D. Organic Chemistry

Assistant Lecturer, Chemistry

(207) 602-2480

Morgane Hall


Organic Chemistry

Deena Small

Associate Professor, Biochemistry

(207) 602-2224

Morgane Hall


B.S. Biochemistry; University of Maine, Orono. 1992

Ph.D. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Maine, Orono. 1998Read More


Fat and Bone Cell Differentiation <br />Jagged1/Notch and FGFR Signaling Networks<br />Biological Effects and Toxicology of Polybrominated Diphenyl Flame Retardants<br />

James V

James Vesenka

Ph.D. Physics

Professor of Physics

Director of Microscopy Core Facility

(207) 602-2560

Morgane Hall

History and Research:

The moniker "Dr. V" is in veneration to his late father, an outstanding teacher in the Concord Massachusetts school system who went by the name of "Mr. V."  Dr. V teaches general physics and undertakes research in molecular self-assembly of four-stranded DNA and physics education.  He graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Clark University with a dual major in chemistry and physics in 1982. ... Read More


Physics education pedagogy

physical science teacher training

scanning probe microscopy.

biomaterials nanotechnology


Administrative Assistant

(207) 602-2714

Morgane Hall

Accomplished Administrative Coordinator and Website Marketing Specialist with 10+ years experience providing marketing and sales support in traditional corporate environments and freelance organizations. Takes ownership of independent projects; creates marketing materials, manages online content, and leads efforts to upgrade and enhance corporate website. Solid administrative and problem solving skills; demonstrated excellence designing complex financial spreadsheets, graphs, charts, and reports.Read More


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe PhotoShop

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Dreamweaver


Digital Photography

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Access

Adobe Muse

Laboratory Assistant, Physics

(207) 602-2491

Morgane Hall

BA Physics from U of M Orono in 1970

Taught High school Physics in New Hampshire and Kennebunk Maine from 1972 to 2006.

Certified in Maine as Master Teacher of Physical Science and Mathematics

Tutor in UNE LAC from 1990 to 1993

Teaching Physics labs at UNE since 2008Read More


Modeling Physics<br />Use of probes and software to gather and analyze data