Educational Leadership Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Ed. D. Educational Leadership General Program Goals 

  • Prepare leaders who are future-focused and capable of fostering innovation and change
  • Promote a continuing cadre of educators who maintain active connections and collaboration with one another, with schools, communities and professional groups
  • Establish a higher education program that is technologically sophisticated, educationally effective and academically rigorous
  • Build a national reputation based upon transformative action research
  • Provide each candidate with a carefully selected faculty mentoring team contributing actively to the candidate’s progress with their program of study, their research, and their dissertation, beyond what is usually available with a single advisor 

Ed. D. Educational Leadership Learning Outcomes

  • Participate fully and responsibly in supportive and action based learning environments of authentic value for colleagues in K-12 education, community college, health, business,  and other sectors
  • Develop and utilize transformative institutional processes to foster, assess the results, and respond to the reported analysis for continued systemic change.   
  • Use technology for research collaboration and dissertation development among colleagues and faculty (e.g., web/videoconferencing)
  • Fully utilize an integrated curriculum that fuses discreet elements of each candidate’s program of study into a coherent whole
  • Fully utilize online search tools and databases to identify research studies and other relevant resources
  • Participate in virtual seminars and conferences building a professional learning community
  • Employ problem and case-based learning strategies extensively in courses and dissertation 
  • Write and successfully defend a field-based dissertation.