Post Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program (TCP) Admissions

Application Deadlines:

  • Summer: April 1
  • Fall: July 1
  • Spring: November 1

All employees of school systems and persons employed by others on behalf of school systems who are not certified or authorized will be required to obtain a Criminal History Record Check (CHRC) approval from the Department of Education based on fingerprints. Approval is not intended to reflect the individual’s qualifications or ability to perform the job assigned. Please visit the Maine Department of Education for more details regarding the “approval credential.”

PLEASE NOTE: If applicant has the Ed Tech III Certification, a copy may be submitted as proof of fingerprinting in place of the approval credential mentioned above. However, it is not necessary to obtain an Education Tech III certification from the State of Maine for application to the TCP program.

Admissions Requirements


The Teacher Certification program is for individuals who hold a baccalaureate degree and are interested in a career in teaching. Certification may be obtained in elementary/middle education (K-8), secondary education (7-12) or art education (K-12). Secondary certification areas are: life science, physical science, social studies, English or mathematics.

After completion of this certification program, a UNE student is eligible to enroll in the Master of Science in Education degree program with a concentration in Teaching Methodology. The Master of Science in Education degree program with a concentration in Teaching Methodology is available only to UNE students who have completed the Teacher Certification Program. This program is a 30 credit master’s degree encompassing 15 graduate credits from the Teacher Certification Program (TCP) and an additional 15 credits online that have been designated to satisfy Department and state requirements for certification in areas of elementary/middle education (K-8), secondary education (7-12), or art education (K-12). The remaining 15 credits will be completed following initial teaching certification. These credits are from a totally online graduate program with in depth study in the areas of professional learning communities, differentiation, motivation, and action research.


  • Bachelor’s degree from a US regionally accredited undergraduate institution
  • Submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
  • Submit official report of passing scores on all sections of the PRAXIS I.
  • Submit approval credential or official copy of Education Tech III certification from the State of Maine.  Documentation of this security clearance must be submitted as a part of the application. 
  • Transcript analysis from the Maine Department of Education. (Please note: Analysis may take up to 12 weeks to complete.)

NOTE:  UNE does not accept students for student teaching only, regardless of whether a state transcript analysis shows that all other academic and professional education requirements have been satisfied


  • Applications for admission are submitted through the UNE online application.  Submission of the online application will include a personal statement, names and email addresses of three reference letter writers
  • Applications for new students will be accepted for the summer, fall, and spring terms. 
  • Students may enroll in no more than two (2) TCP courses (a maximum of 6 credits) through the Office of Continuing Education before applying to the program.  Students do need to understand that registering for courses as a non-matriculated student will prohibit the student from enrolling in the same semester as a matriculated student.  Also, students are not eligible for financial aid to cover the cost of coursework completed as a non-matriculated students
  • Applications submitted and completed by the deadline will be considered by the Admissions Committee.  Applications submitted and/or completed after the deadline for one term will be reviewed on a space available basis or for admissions into the next available term.
  • International students and students with international degrees must have transcripts evaluated for degree and grade equivalency to that of a regionally accredited US institution.  See International Admissions. 
  • All applicants to UNE must be able to understand and communicate in English to be admitted to the university.  UNE accepts several methods of English Proficiency, see International Admissions. If an applicant cannot prove English Proficiency in another way, scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are required and must be submitted as a part of the completed application.

For additional information on the admissions process and requirements, please access the TCP Website.

policy exceptions

The Teacher Certification program and the TCP Admissions Committee in collaboration with the Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions reserve the right to make exceptions to the admissions criteria and to make changes or exceptions to policies and procedures, on a case by case basis, when it deems such a decision is necessary and appropriate.


  • Individuals who have full acceptance in the Teaching Certification Program can transfer up to, but no more than six (6) education credits from other universities.
  • In-service or workshop-type courses that do not carry college credit will not be accepted for transfer equivalency.
  • No courses of any kind will be accepted from other institutions after your acceptance into the program at UNE without a course equivalency granted prior to the course being taken.