English Curriculum

Curricular Requirements
CAS Core Requirements 42-43
Program Required Courses  
ENG 115 - British Literature I 3
ENG 116 - British Literature II 3
ENG 200 - Writing, Revolution, and Resistance in US Literature 3
ENG 201 - Cultural Diversity and Common Identity in US Literature 3
ENG 206 - Introduction to Literary Theory and Criticism 3

ENG 334 - Methods in Literary and Cultural Criticism

Global Literacy elective 3
Interdisciplinary Literacy elective 3
Major Concentration Courses/English Electives 12
Program Minimum Required Total Credits 36
Elective Courses (as needed to reach 120 credits) variable
Minimum Total Required Credits  120

Note: the department encourages students to learn a foreign language and recognizes up to six credits of foreign-language study toward fulfilling the electives credit requirement for the major.

Secondary Education Certification

The department offers English majors the opportunity to select all of the EDU secondary education certification courses (listed below) as their electives in order to become middle school or high school english teachers (grades 7-12). While providing a solid foundation in English, this program includes extensive coursework in education, which, when combined with the secondary teaching internship, will meet standards for State of Maine teacher certification upon completion of the degree program. This program is approved by the State of Maine Board of Education.

Education Courses  
EDU 105 - Culture of Schools 3
EDU 133 - American Education 3
EDU 202 - Curriculum Theory and Design 3
EDU 220 - Exceptionality in the Classroom 3
EDU 330 - Educational Psychology and Classroom Management 3
EDU 346 - Technology in the Secondary Classroom
(Part of the internship semester)
EDU 430 - Educational Assessment and Evaluation 3
EDU 436 - Methods of Teaching Secondary English/Language Arts 3
EDU 486 - Secondary Education Practicum 3 - 4
EDU 492 - Secondary Internship 15
Education Total Number of Credits 40 - 41