History Curriculum

Curricular Requirements

CAS Core Requirements

Program Required Courses 33-43
Two of the following three options:  
Option I  
HIS 222 - US History: Contact through the Civil War 3
HIS 223 - US History: Reconstruction to Present or 3
Option II  
HIS 230 - Continuity/Change from Ancient to Renaissance 3
HIS 231 - Continuity/Change in Modern Europe or 3
Option III  
HIS 240 - Colonial Latin America 3
HIS 241 - Modern Latin America 3
Program Required Option Sub-Total  12
Each of the Following:  
HIS 290 - History Hands On 3
HIS 450 - Senior Thesis 3
History Electives 15
Program Minimum Required Total Credits  33
Open Elective Courses (as needed to reach 120 credits) variable
Minimum Required Total Credits 120

Secondary Education Certification

The department offers history majors the opportunity to select all of the EDU secondary education certification courses (listed below) as their electives in order to become middle school or high school teachers (grades 7-12) in the area of social studies. While providing a solid foundation in history, this program includes extensive coursework in education, which, when combined with the secondary teaching internship, will meet standards for State of Maine teacher certification upon completion of the degree program. This program is approved by the State of Maine Board of Education.

education courses Credits
EDU 105 - Exploring Teaching 3
EDU 110- 21st Century Learning Through Technology 3
EDU 202 - Curriculum & Assessment 3
EDU 220 - Exceptionality in the Classroom 3
EDU 385- Diversity and Social Justice 3
EDU 382- Literacy Research-Based Instructional Methods 3
EDU 438 - Methods of Teaching Secondary Ed Social Studies 3
EDU 488 - Secondary Education Practicum 3
EDU 498 - Secondary Internship 12
EDU 405- Inclusive Methods and Data Based Decision Making 3
Total Education Credits 39

See Education for more details.