Student Internship Testimonials

Hear what some UNE students have experienced during past internships

“The internship has really motivated me. I am now cramming for the MCATS and whenever I begin to lose drive to study, I remember the surgeons and residents at Emory and how this is just a rite of passage into a career in medicine. As I discuss in my journal entries, the internship also has motivated me to pursue a career in orthopedics. This newfound interest has caused me to look at some of the schools I have applied to in a new light as I explore the orthopedic research and residencies their students complete. Overall, it was a fantastic experience.” Ariana

“I just received my evaluation from my site supervisor today and I am putting it with my journal and self evaluation to send back to campus. I am almost done with my article that is going to be published in a nursing magazine describing my time at the facility, and I just started my new job as a medical assistant on Monday. All in all, the entire internship class/process worked out in my favor. I learned a lot more than I thought I would at my site and I experienced a great deal of personal growth. I think the internship class really helped me acquire the tools I needed to land my new job.” - Katie

“…Besides gaining a good knowledge of dentistry, working in direct contact with the public, and maturing professionally, I thoroughly enjoyed working with the staff. It was an unforgettable experience, and I will always remember this time as one of my favorite semesters in school. This internship has given me the opportunity to see what it’s like in the real world and to apply what I’ve learned in college to real life experiences…I thoroughly enjoyed shadowing…and watching the surgeries…I hope to use some of the techniques in dental school and even in my own professional practice someday. Witnessing the use of the latest dental equipment and new technology will be very helpful in guiding me in the future.” - Ashley

“Being able to experience the daily routine…of working with patients in this age range is something that can’t be learned in the classroom. While classes may have taught me what methods appear to be normal, being able to recognize those normal tendencies can only be accomplished through experience.”  – anonymous, Med Bio Major

“I am very close to deciding what I want to do after I graduate, and I'm definitely leaning more towards chiropractic. It was my goal to figure things out this summer and my internship really helped me do that. Everything seems to be lining up great! I've been looking into chiropractic grad schools and have requested information from them. I am excited to get the ball rolling! Everything is rolling along very smoothly and I'm loving every second of it." - Nia