Latin American Studies Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

These are the student learning outcomes for the two required courses for the Latin American Studies minor:

Intermediate Spanish

Students leave this course with Intermediate Proficiency in Spanish in the four language skills: comprehension, speaking, reading, writing. These elements are measured by quizzes, homework assignments, and recorded dialogs. Students learning outcomes for this course are:

  • Develop vocabulary proficiency in food, drink, and restaurant experiences, traveling and going on vacation, speaking of free time activities and home life, and basic health care-related issues.
  • Develop grammatical proficiency: students will be able to comprehend, speak, read, and write in the present and past tenses.
  • Develop cultural proficiency: students will learn about the the basic historical origins of Spain and parts of Latin America, such as Mexico, Peru, and Guatemala.
  • Develop reading and writing proficiency: students will be able to read and write about some original literature in Spanish in the form of the essay and the short story.

Society in Latin America

This course has six interrelated student learning outcomes. The overall objective is to provide a student learning opportunity that is focused on the social and cultural experiences of peoples in Latin America. At the end of the course students will:

  • Develop a basic knowledge about society in Latin America to include: geography, demographics, politics, culture, and media.
  • Expand their understanding of sociological perspectives including theory and methods.
  • Enhance their ability to think critically about social relations.
  • Enhance their ability to analyze sociologically the culture around them.
  • Enhance their ability to express themselves in writing and verbally
  • Increase their ability to integrate disciplines and perspectives using a variety of mediums, methods, and modes of expression.