Pain Education and Advocacy

The Center for Excellence in the Neurosciences, along with UNE’s Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC), is bringing together groups of health care professionals, scientists, educators, scholars and students who share a passion for transforming pain prevention, care, education and research.

The University has a long-standing interest in understanding the biological basis of acute and chronic pain, and in taking a collaborative interdisciplinary approach to educating the next generation of heath care professionals.

A Community in Pain

The materials on this page consist of video documentaries, facilitator notes and case reports detailing a wide variety of pain conditions from patients of all ages. These materials have been presented at the 2013 Interprofessional Education Collaborative’s Spring Symposium “The Science of Pain and The Art of Healing,” as well as the Maine Osteopathic Association 2015 Midwinter Symposium.

Chronic Pain

The Center for Excellence in Neurosciences has been collaborating with UNE’s Interprofessional Education Collaborative to create a comprehensive and incomparable collection of interprofessional training materials. These materials have been crafted in hopes of training future practitioners to provide the highest quality of care to patients experiencing chronic pain. The materials highlight the importance of working interprofessionally and approaching the patient as a whole person when in treatment. 

Chronic Pain Preview

Together this Chronic Pain project and its subsidiaries can be used as educational material or for patient advocacy, in pieces or as a whole, in a lecture or small group setting. The Project is arranged to include resources for students and educators. The narratives give unique insight into the lives of patients experiencing chronic pain and is incomparable to any other interprofessional educational material.

Cancer Pain

In 2013 the Center for Excellence in the Neurosciences and UNE’s Interprofessional Education Collaborative began a project funded in part by the Maine Cancer Foundation to examine cancer pain from an interprofessional perspective. A team of undergraduate and graduate students worked under faculty and staff guidance to interview pain patients, doctors, social workers and other professionals in order to formulate a collection of case studies, informative videos and facilitator notes. These materials shed light on a wide variety of obstacles that cancer pain patients face over the course of their treatment and life after treatment. 

Shane Beaulieu
Testicular Cancer

Sarah Couture
Aplastic Anemia with Pre-leukemic Cells

Jani Druck
Acute Myelogenous Leukemia

Kathy Thompson 
Breast Cancer