Gregory P. Zogg


Terrestrial and wetland plant ecology; soil microbiology and plant physiology; carbon and nitrogen biogeochemistry.


Current Research

Investigating the effects of sea-level rise and nutrient loading on carbon and nitrogen cycling in salt marshes and mangroves.

Research Interests

Primary research interests are in the effects of human-induced environmental change on the biogeochemistry of forests and saline

Selected Publications

Zogg, G.P., D.R. Zak, D.B. Ringelberg, N.W. MacDonald, K.S. Pregitzer, and D.C. White. 1997. Compositional and functional shifts in microbial communities due to soil warming. Soil Science Society of America Journal 61:475-481;

Burton, A.J., K.S. Pregitzer, G.P. Zogg, and D.R. Zak. 1998. Drought reduces root respiration in sugar maple forests. Ecological Applications 8: 771-778; 

Zogg, G.P., D.R. Zak, A.J. Burton, and K.S. Pregitzer. 2000. Microbial immobilization and the retention of anthropogenic nitrate in a northern hardwood forest. Ecology 81:1858-1866.; 

Zak, D.R, K.S. Pregitzer, A.J. Burton, and G.P. Zogg. 2004. Anthropogenic N deposition and the fate of 15NO3- in a northern hardwood ecosystem. Biogeochemistry 69: 143-157.

Greg Zogg

Gregory P. Zogg



Associate Professor

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