Jerome Mullin



University of New Hampshire



LeMoyne College



Analytical chemistry; spectroscopic methods of analysis; fluorescence and chemiluminescence; environmental analysis; clinical analysis.


Current Research

Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of novel Group 14 metalloles, especially luminescence and aggregation-induced luminescence (AIE); preparation and characterization of luminescent rare earth (e.g., terbium, europium, dysprosium) heterobimetallic compounds (e.g., silver and gold dicyanides) and energy transfer characteristics of said compounds; determination of heavy metal distributions in regional marine and fresh-water sediments

Research Interests

Spectroscopic characterization of novel metalloles and their potential application in electro-optical devices (such as LEDs and chemical sensors); luminescence and energy transfer in rare earth-heterobimetallic compounds; applications of fluorescence and chemiluminescence in chemical analysis; determination of heavy metal distributions in the environment.

Selected Publications


Scalise, R.E.;* Caradonna, P.A.;* Tracy, H.J.; Mullin, J.L.; Keirstead, A.E. “1,1-Dimethyl-2,3,4,5-tetraphenylsilole as a Molecular Rotor Probe to Investigate the Microviscosity of Imidazolium Ionic Liquids,” Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials, 2014, 24(2), 431-441.

* Undergraduate student co-author.


Mullin, J.L.; Tracy, H.J. “Aggregation-induced Emission in Group 14 Metalloles (siloles, germoles, and stannoles): Spectroscopic Considerations, Substituent Effects, and Applications,” Chapter 2 in Aggregation-induced Emission: Fundamentals (A. Qin and B.Z. Tang, Ed.), Wiley, London, ISBN: 978-1-118-39430-4, 440 pages, October 2013. (Invited and peer-reviewed chapter)


Edwards, K.A.;* Fecteau, K.M.;* Hopkins, J.M.;* Benfaremo, N.; Ford, J.R.; Mullin, J.L.; Prudente, C.K.; Tracy, H.T. “The Synthesis and Unusual Luminescence Behavior of 1,1-Dimethyl-2,5-di(2-naphthyl)-3,4-diphenylsilole,” Journal of Luminescence, 2013, 134, 544-550.

* Undergraduate student co-author.


Bozeman, T.C.;* Edwards, K.A.;* Fecteau, K.M.;* Verde Jr., M.G.;* Blanchard, A.;* Woodall, D.L.*;  Benefaremo, N.; Ford, J.R.; Mullin, J.L.; Prudente, C.K.; Tracy, H.J. “Tolyl-Substituted Siloles: Synthesis, Substituent Effects, and Aggregation-Induced Emission,” Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials, 2011, 21(2), 316-326.

* Undergraduate student co-author.


Mullin, J.L.; Dyer, J.;* Whalen, N.;* Randall, R.;* Dow, S.* “Trace Metal Distributions in Sediments from the Bering and Chukchi Seas,” in Results of the Fourth Joint US‑Russian Bering and Chukchi Seas Expedition (BERPAC‑93), Kohl, S.; Rice, C.; Grebmeier, J.; Chernyak, S.; Sauer, J., editors, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Washington, DC, 2011.

* Undergraduate student co-author.


Mullin, J.L.; Tracy, H.J.; Ford, J.R.; Keenan, S.R.;* Fridman, F.* "Characteristics of Aggregation Induced Emission in 1,1-Dimethyl-2,3,4,5-tetraphenyl and 1,1,2,3,4,5-hexaphenyl Siloles and Germoles," Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials, 2007, 17, 201-213. *This is an invited paper in a special issue of JIOPM in honor of Professor Ian Manners.

* Undergraduate student co-author.


Lu, H.; Yson, R. L.; Ford, J. R.; Tracy, H. J.; Carrier, A. B.;* Keller, A.;* Mullin, J. L.; Poisson*, M. J.; Sawan, S.;* Patterson, H. H. "Tunable Energy Transfer from d10 Heterobimetallic Dicyanide(I) Donor Ions to Terbium(III) Acceptor Ions in Luminescent Tb[AgxAu1-x(CN)2]3 (x = 0 - 1)," Chemical Physics Letters, 2007, 443, 55-60.

* Undergraduate student co-author.


Tracy, H.T.; Mullin, J.L.; Klooster, W.T.; Martin, J.A.; Haug, J.; Wallace, S.; Rudloe, I.; Watts, K. "Enhanced Photoluminescence from Group 14 Metalloles in Aggregated and Solid Solutions," Inorganic Chemistry, 2005, 44, 2003-2011.


Fermann, J.;* Kakareka, J.; Klooster, W.; Mullin, J.L.; Quatrucci, J.*; Ricci, J.; Tracy, H.J.; Vining, W.; Wallace, S.* "Electrochemical and Photophysical Properties of a Series of Group 14 Metalloles,"  Inorganic Chemistry, 1999, 38, 2464 - 2472.


Mullin, J.L.; Dyer, J.L.; Whalen, N.; Randall, R.; Dow, S. "Heavy Metal Distributions in Sediments of the Bering and Chukchi Seas" (translated into Russian), in Dynamica Ecosystem Berigova i Chukotskogo Morey, Nauka, Moscow, 1999.


Mullin, J.L.; Marquardt, M.* "Spreadsheet-Controlled Potentiometric Analyses," J. Chem. Educ., 1995, 72, 400-401.


Mullin, J.L.; Eierman, R.J. "Extensive Student Use of Electronic Spreadsheets in Undergraduate Quantitative Analysis,"  J. Chem. Educ., 1990, 67, 878-881.

Other Scholarly Activity

Verde Jr., M. G; Bozeman, T.; Fecteau, K.; Woodall, D.L.; Orlando, A.E.; Tracy, H.J.; Ford, J.R.; Prudente, C.K.; Benfaremo, N.; Mullin, J.L. "Photophysical and electrochemical characterization of a series of tolyl-substituted siloles," Paper 845, American Chemical Society National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, March, 2010.

Funded Grants

Maine Space Grant Consortium Education and Seed Research Program (MSG/ESR),"Exploring the Influence of Organized Media on the Photoluminescence Behavior of Siloles," $25,000 (2010), co-PI with Amy Keirstead (PI, UNE).

National Science Foundation (NSF) Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) Grant,"MRI: Acquisition of Luminescence Lifetime Instrumentation by a Partnership of Maine Undergraduate Institutions for Research and Student Training," $115,000 (2009). Principal Investigator, with co-PIs Henry Tracy (USM), James Ford (USM), and Jeff Nagle (Bowdoin).

Pittsburgh Conference Memorial National College Grants Program, "Applications of Raman Spectroscopy Across the Chemistry Curriculum," $10,000 (2009). Principal Investigator.

National Science Foundation Research Grant, "RUI: A Collaborative Investigation into the Aggregate-Induced Emission Phenomenon in Group 14 Metallole and Metallole-like Molecules," $360,000 (2008). Co-principal Investigator, with Henry Tracy (USM), James Ford (USM), Caryn Prudente (USM), and Nicholas Benfaremo (St. Joseph's College).

Invited Plenary Presentation

Mullin, Jerome L. “Aggregation-induced Emission in Aryl-substituted Siloles and Germoles: Some Do and Some Do Not,” Invited talk at the First International Symposium on Aggregation-induced Emission, Wuhan, China, May 17-20, 2013.

Research Topics

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Professor of Chemistry, Ludcke Chair 2013

Assistant Coach, Women's and Men's Cross Country


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